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  1. If you have great letters of rec and a stellar statement, you should probably be okay...it really all depends on the schools. If they cut off at 1000 combined (for example) they may not look further into your application. However, if they look at your application holistically, they should see past the GRE scores in light of all of your positive attributes (which you have many). So you don't waste your time, you may want to inquire as to whether the schools you are interested in have cut-off scores. And don't worry too much about this right now....you should be focusing on the exam. One t
  2. Hi all: I have to send out a CV and was wondering how I indicate that I will be starting a PhD program in the Fall....I already have a Masters degree which I listed above my B.A. Thanks
  3. Thanks Alexis! I scanned this book on Amazons book viewer, and it seems great-- also, I love the way it is written (humor in a stats book?? Amazing!!) Thanks again
  4. Thanks, IOPSYCH. Yes, I am asking around for advice on what I should read this summer before the program starts. Ideally I would like to brush up on Stats! If you have any other ideas, please advise! As always, thank you : )
  5. Wow! I never knew or heard of this....can someone explain why? thanks : )
  6. Hello everyone (or current PhD students with living expense loans), I was recently offered a funding package, which includes tuition waiver and a stipend each year (for 5 consecutive years). However, I will need more then the stipend to actually live (pay rent, eat, etc)... Therefore, I am wondering what the best loan would be for living expenses. Thanks
  7. Thanks so much for the informative feedback, iopsych!
  8. Hey Guys, 2 inquiries: Has anyone heard anything either way from Maryland's PhD program?? Also, I think I should give up hope on DePaul, seems like a lot of people are waitlisted and I am apparently in the middle of that list. Does anyone have any more feedback on DePaul? Thanks!!
  9. Hi Madisonstarr I have recently sent email's to my POIs asking if they had any updates on my application. I add a sentence expressing my interest in their program and that I look forward to hearing back. Kept it brief, friendly and not pushy. I received kind responses and found out my status from 4 schools, which I otherwise still would be in the dark about. I find the POI (or the director of the program) to be a better source than a grad secretary, who may not know or be allowed to reveal your status. I think it is ok to reach out considering it is March. Good luck.
  10. Where can I review updated I/O Psych PhD program rankings?? Also, M.A. programs would be helpful too. Thanks : )
  11. I am not sure if it would be appropriate to ask...but I think it is inappropriate for them not to tell us. I realize they want to play it safe and have good people on back up in case a few people decline...but this list sounds rather long...(aka- hopeless for us stuck in the middle). However, she did say, we don't usually get to your position, but we have in past years. ?!?! Any advice, anyone?
  12. I was recently placed on a waitlist and I emailed to thank them for considering me and I asked if it was possible for them to tell me where I am on the list. She got back to me with the response a day later....seems like it is ok to ask..FYI. P.S. This was DePaul, and I am in the "middle". Now of course I am wondering if I am in the middle of a 20 person waiting list or in the middle of a 4 person waiting list!? Arrgh!
  13. It completely depends on the school.....
  14. I think some people have contacted them directly (including myself), and they have been receptive to email inquiries.
  15. I know, I can't believe they are only accepting 2 either! Did you happen to find out what position you are on the list? I don't know too much about Columbia's program (other than they have a great reputation, but weak funding)..but I do live in NYC and could answer any questions you may have if you end up seriously considering that program. Good luck to you too! P.S. I emailed my POI at GW...rejected, she said they have a very small program and cannot accept many great applicants..etc...
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