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  1. has been enjoying doing nothing academically for the past three weeks. Need to change that.

  2. APS successful!

  3. done my 1st year, 1 year closer to that PhD...going to not feel bad for not doing anything!...bad sentence

  4. My two professors and I from undergrad, who I considered mentors from working in their labs and taking their classes, have different "keeping in touch". My one prof, who I thought I would be more in contact with, has actually gone the opposite. It's more or less the "how's everything going? let's get the old lab together for dinner" every once in a while. My other prof, who I thought she and I would never keep in contact with after undergrad, just 'cause I didn't think she really liked me haha has gone the opposite way. I'm still working with her on her studies, in fact, I'm helping her conduct a follow-up to the cohort from last summer during this summer. We're talking about collaborating and ever since I've graduated, I started babysitting for her and whatnot. I guess it just depends on the relationships you've cultivated from the beginning. For both of them, it's definitely more on a colleague level instead of professor/student now.
  5. can it please be the 19th?

  6. won 1st in the symposium..woo hoo,

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    2. Jess77


      Thanks everyone! To say I'm completely surprised is an understatement.

    3. newms
    4. hopehope


      congraaaaats same happened to me last week and i was so happy!

  7. cannot wait until I am finished with this damn assessment.

  8. you would think procrastination would end in grad school...nope

    1. Tall Chai Latte

      Tall Chai Latte

      it actually gets worse...

    2. PsyK
    3. Jess77


      All-nighters are no longer my friends.

  9. end of first year of grad school is in sight

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    2. Tall Chai Latte

      Tall Chai Latte

      i finally settled down in a lab, so will be doing some real research in summer. i'm looking forward to the warmer days.

    3. Jess77


      that's great! just read your blog. i felt a similar way...spring's been a lot better. but i hate my theory class and love my 2 stats. go figure.

    4. Tall Chai Latte

      Tall Chai Latte

      lol, i dont like my coursework all that much either. especially after i changed my mind on which dept many times i find myself not really needing this class at all.... eh i'm stuck with it until i finish.

  10. iPad

    It crashes a lot and the whole organization set up isn't that great. I read 8 articles on it one night and then went to email them to myself and the app crashed and lost all my notes. GoodReader is much better and it only costs like $1 or $2, as opposed to $10 for iAnnotatePDF.
  11. iPad

    I love it. I use it for all my PDFs, notes, and whatnot. GoodReader is great...don't get iAnnotatePDF...learned that the hard way. Pages is good. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to get a stylus and then one of the good note taking apps with stylus function. Plus, the textbooks that I do need to get (theory books and whatnot) I just keep on the iPad. It makes things a lot easier. Dropbox is a must too.
  12. appreciates SPSS and Excel so much after doing 12 ANOVAs by hand.

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    2. Neuronista


      for some reason I hate SPSS! I find it too complicated. There are a lot of software out there that does the same job in a much simpler way. Or maybe it's just me :)

    3. Jess77


      i like vassarstats every once in a while or even advisor is a statistical juggernaut though and prefers i use SPSS. eh.

    4. nhyn


      im learning to use matlab, and you can control how much output you wanna see - rather than a bunch of output tables like SPSS lol i do like SPSS however ^^

  13. needs to pump out this abstract.

  14. Newark, DE

    I'm currently in my first year as PhD student at UDel but I commute from South, but I don't really want to move to Delaware, lol. It's a beautiful campus, though, and Main Street is awesome. A lot of people live in University Courtyards, Studio Green, Southgate (which is really really really close to the campus/football field)...and there's rentals all over the place. If you are able to log in with your username/password on UD's website, click on Students at the top, then you'll come to the main Students page and click Graduate and then Classifieds. Housing is open all over the place right now.