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  1. Hey, I have a strange question that I bet you'd have some insight into ... Why is it CU Boulder, but UCD for Denver and not CU Denver? That's always confused me!

  2. Uh man, would you have picked CU over Stony Brook if it had come sooner? Well, I guess that's neither here nor there, but I suppose their late call happened for a good reason, namely so you'd find your fit at SB. =)

  3. Not a word from Denver. CU called me today with an offer, a little late...

  4. Of course James Franco gets into Yale's English PhD program. I'm riding on the bitter train, choo choo.

  5. Nope, nothing. I'm thinking we wont hear anything, rejection or otherwise, until mid-April after they evaluate whose accepting their offers. On last year's results board, it looks some people didn't get an accept or rejection until late May! But I thought the line from the e-mail you received was ominous — something like "if we make second-round offers." But Stony Broo...

  6. Hey Paige - any news form DU? Nothing on my side. In fact, I emailed the prof back to ask if they planned on sending out letters any time soon, or developing a waitlist, and he never wrote back. Even if I were totally not underwhelmed by their apparent circumvention of acceptable grad school admissions processes, DU would not be a choice for me. I think I will be heading to Stony Brook.

  7. There's plenty of Forever 21-type shops at the mall. You can't beat the amazing stores on Kirkwood though. (Kirkwood is the main street of activity, right by the Sample Gates.) Cactus Flower is AMAZING. There's also Pitaya and Cha Cha — pricier boutiques, but I always found funky, fun stuff on the clearance rack. Oh, and there's Urban Outfitters. But Bloomington is incredible. It has the sporty, rah-rah, Big Ten vibe, but also incomparable culture opportunities. The School of Music is one of the best in the world, bringing in musicians and artists from all over the world. Fourth Street off
  8. So I'm wondering how you faired? I didn't get in anywhere, but I learned a lot about the process. I'll be trying again next year (and of all the schools I applied to only IUB is back on the list). You?

  9. Thanks! I was too chicken to contact. Is it a serious possibility for you since you're in the area?

  10. They said mid March. Very nice and said they were close to making offers.

  11. Have you heard anything from Denver?

  12. I would check craigslist first. If anything, it will give you an idea of what's available.
  13. Though I went to school in Bloomington, I lived a year in Lafayette while my boyfriend finished up in PharmD. There are definite cool spots in West Lafayette/Lafayette, and some not so good spots. Let me know if your wondering about housing/living!
  14. Yeah, he either lives there or visits often (So does John Mellencamp's wife, haha). That place is incredible. You can visit and join in on their Sunday meals and learn so much — a lovely weekend experience. Plus, you get to see monks playing basketball!
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