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  1. Hi ~ I've been lurking this season after getting railed 0-6 last season. But... I got in to Wisconsin this year! I'm thrilled. In response to the post above, I also received the email with the 16-page packet, and in today's mail, a BIG envelope (at last!) with the same information. The letter says we will get a schedule for the visiting days via email. I will be attending and am extremely excited. Congratulations to the others who were admitted! ~ minnares
  2. Once again, all well said and diplomatically (gently) so. I'm grateful, intextrovert. And you're right that I made the choices I did for the intellectual challenge and the process rather than thinking there would be any award at the finish and certainly not every time (not just a fluke). And, in fairness, I did say "awards or no," so I think that it's interesting every focuses on the awards part of my mini-rant rather than the TA/RAship, publication, etc. part of the rant. When I mentioned skipping my kids' activities, I meant for things like TA and RA jobs, which also apparently do not matter
  3. Your "About Me" section is heartening, lily. Wonderful! Go you!

  4. Round 2 for me, as well. Writing a new SoP. Swapped out two of my referees. Retaking the general GRE to try to get my scores into the stratosphere (LOL! ). And I spent the last three weeks reviewing programs for fit. I'll be contacting DGSs and POIs in a few months. This is my game plan to patch all the holes in what I did wrong this time . I'll echo lily's kudos to you for the positive attitude. And also like lily, I'm hoping that the extra year will give the economy time to turn around. I've already had one DGS tell me that they couldn't fund students this year at their "usual level," but
  5. Thank you lily (and can I just say that you're consistently very kind and diplomatic on these boards). Well put. And yes, life's so far from fair, no surprise there. I'm looking at this process as a continuation of my ongoing learning experiences. I'm constantly trying to find a way to be softer with my approach and consider others and how they might respond. So this is another opportunity to try to think in those other shoes and see myself however a stranger might. Your point about the end game (icing) is likely very accurate (though it didn't do me a heap of good this year). We'll see how it
  6. Wow, thank you, fuzzy, intextrovert, and Jae B. Excellent advice and input all around. I will do it differently this time. Writing a new one from scratch. And intextrovert, I've had several people tell me this after reading my SoP, a professor I know at UCLA (in Psych, but on an adcomm), a recent PhD friend of mine, and two professors who know me. Of course, I didn't think to have any of these folks read for me in advance . Smart, right? Learning the hard way. Also, Duke has an excellent page on what they expect in the SoP, it specifically lists striking a balance between arrogance and ac
  7. Yes, that helps. Thank you so much. I will contact the departments and ask. It'd be excellent if they didn't care to see that one miserable term worth of credits. One less thing to put a black mark on my apps. ~ m
  8. She got into the MA with no funding (no thanks). I agree with you about the money. And thank you for the good wishes.

  9. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. (now I'm off to cringe if any of the things I did crop up in this article). ~ m
  10. So here is my situation. I went to college for one term wwwaaaayyyy back in 1992, then got pregnant, then left college. I didn't get to go back until 2006, after which point I earned only As. However, the one term back in 1992 was wretched with morning sickness and family upheaval (mostly caused by me), and my GPA was 2.76. Given the different point values for courses and the difference between quarterly and semester, I am wondering how to integrate those 17 credits into my other 126 in order to be more honest or as honest as possible (and yes I've had people suggest I just not send that one t
  11. Here's my major question about writing the SoP. If you have many awards and/or publications, do you bring that up in the SoP at all or just leave it in the CV. This year, I explained the work I'd done and told at the latter end of the paragraph that the work resulted in X, Y, or Z award. This apparently was deemed arrogance (kiss of death). Since I will be trying again next year, how does one strike the balance between arrogance and proper assertion of strengths? Or again, is it more appropriate to leave that sort of detail out of the SoP and only have it listed on the CV where the adcomm can
  12. So I'm wondering how you faired? I didn't get in anywhere, but I learned a lot about the process. I'll be trying again next year (and of all the schools I applied to only IUB is back on the list). You?

  13. hey! did they get into the phd or MA? i'm not positive where i'm attending yet but i think lehigh as they're the only ones who provided a tuition waiver & funding. i would've liked brandeis but they're kind of in an economic bind so i couldn't have expected too much out of them in retrospect. good luck with your next round!

  14. Hey, hey. I just wanted to let you know that a colleague from my UG institution got into Brandeis, too. Have you decided where you'll attend yet? I'll be trying again next year.

  15. Hey all, since I'm going to have to reapply next year, I'm starting to hunt for information on programs. I really like the look of Northwestern (no idea why I didn't look at them before). Would any of you mind sharing information about the program, what you drew you to it, anything else you've learned or would care to share that maybe isn't available via the website? I'm in touch with the DGS and a professor already but would appreciate a peer-perspective. Thanks! ~ m
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