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  1. hehe, I'll throw in the cheesey quote that I've been reciting like a mantra: "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, 'press on' has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race." -Calvin Coolidge
  2. Hi all - I was wondering if any one took any Subject GREs for applications to Epidemiology PhD programs. I've seen one or two schools that suggested (although not required) the Biology GRE, and I was debating if I should attempt it before the next round of applications. Has anyone else taken it? Any suggestions on how to prep? My undergrad was in computer graphics (not really related), but I will be completing an MPH next spring.
  3. Wow! So glad to finally see someone else mention this program.... As far as I've found, no one else on this forum has ever mentioned it... and I have very little information I can share with you about it. I applied to it this semester and I didn't get accepted, but I am in the middle of an MPH program right now, and got rejected at all 4 schools I applied to (one school told me specifically it was because I was in the middle of another program), so I take it with a grain of salt. I do know that the program has only been around since 2008 or so, they accept around 5-6 people a year, and fo
  4. I also think that your GRE scores are excellent - and that there's no reason to retake it. The analytical writting may be a little weak, but since you are going in for Computer Science which is more technical than writing oriented, and you will also have your SOP to demonstrate your writing strengths, I would not waste the time and money on retaking it just to up your AW. I probably WOULD invest that time in taking the CS GRE however. Given how strong your GRE scores are, I think you'll likely do very well, and that's a nice little edge to put you over at least some other applicants in the pro
  5. I was wondering where people have lived or are planning on living during their PhD studies? Did you rent an apartment? Buy a house? Did the school offer subsidized housing on or around campus? I didn't get into a program for Fall 2010, but I'm looking forward to applying for 2011.... However, in April of 2011 I am getting married, and my fiance and I had hoped on buying a house as a next step once we move out of our current apartment. The schools I'm looking at are in a geographic location which I would ideally want to work in (the DC-Baltimore area for its close connections to government
  6. My field is very different - but my story was similar. Applied to four schools, rejected from all... ramping up for the next round of applications without missing a beat! Well, apart from those first few days/weeks wallowing in self-pity, but I think we earned them after the roller coaster of apprehension that is the application process. And like your boyfriend, my fiance deserves a metal for not just putting up with me the whole time - but actually remaining supportive and optimistic, even once all the rejections came in. From what I've read throughout this site, I think SOP and LORs are e
  7. I am 27, getting married next April, and looking to start a PhD in the fall of 2011. My fiance and I are looking forward to starting a family sooner than later, and while I'm its quite a challenge no matter when you decide to start a family, we're thinking things might go a bit smoother while I'm in school . However, when I spoke to my older sister about this, she gave me some advice I thought I'd pass along. She suggested that the best course of action is to only look 6 months ahead. Don't try to plan out the details of your entire life, or entire academic career, or anything of the sort. Th
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions Yeah, given what a hassle it has always been to get him to submit the letters, and my mild embarrasment at how many letters I've asked him for over the last few years (I did a semester of undergrad to bolster relevant academic experience, a round of Masters program applications, a round of PhD applications... and now looking at a second round) .... I think I'll drop him off the 2011 application and go with more recent professors. With any luck, I'll get a research opportunity for the summer so that I'll have two recent professors, and one more professional refe
  9. Really? LOL I always thought it would hurt to include more than the request numbers of LORs. They don't frown upon that kinda thing?
  10. By now I'm sure a lot of people have gotten the majority, if not all of their responses. I was wondering how many people got rejected across the board, and what their battle plan is from here on out? For me, I knew this round of applications was a bit of reach because I am in the middle of my MPH (I will finish in the Spring of 2011). However, I couldn't help but try, since I know it's my end goal anyway, and my MPH is not funded. From the feedback I've gotten, it looks like one of the biggest complaints about my application was that my MPH was not finished, so I'm very hopeful for the next
  11. So I'm trying to line up letters of recommendation for next year. Basically, my undergrad and much of my recent employment history is in a fairly different (albeit not completely unrelated) field than my current MPH and future PhD. In prior applications I've relied on an old employer who is VERY unreliable when it comes to sending in his LORs, had me write the letter for him anyway, and by the time they are reviewing the Fall 2011 applications, will have not been part of my life for almost four years. However, it is a good letter of recommendation (I know since I wrote it), and he is the pre
  12. Hm... I'm going to disagree with a few people on this forum. I think that if they don't readily remember you, they're not going to write a memorable letter of reccomendation either. I would be very concerned that it would be very generic and not playing to any of your specific strengths and characteristics. I would probably go to your former employers. Since you're going in for Law and/or an MBA, those are skills that are applicable across a much broader range of professional skills, and not something you'd have to limit to academic references. Tell your employers abt the program you're appl
  13. LOL this is me to a T as well. This roller coaster makes me hysterical. And then every now and again I have second thoughts abt starting a whole other degree process... but I think that's mostly my mind's way of comforting itself since I've only gotten rejections so far. All in all, I can't tell which way is up anymore
  14. Ugh, I couldn't agree more.... If I get in this year I'll start classes two weeks before my 27th birthday.
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