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  1. Heres an essential GMAT quant tip http://t.co/kq4Gf9r0ia http://t.co/bQV8cUmVaZ
  2. This is how to speed up your pace on sentence correction questions http://t.co/H3DS1CGaf3
  3. Free math cheat sheet works for both gmat and GRE: http://bestgmatprepcourse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Math-Cheat-Sheet.pdf
  4. I think the important thing is to tailor you application to emphasize why you need a business degree and how your science background will enhance the experience of others at the school. Lots of people go into business school with specific, non business, backgrounds so that they can take management positions within their field. Business schools also seek to have diverse experience among their classes, so a purely science background isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  5. I think the most important step in looking for a course is assessing your needs by taking a practice test. You can get two free from GMAC when you download their free GMATPrep software. From there, you can figure out how close you are to your goal score and what your weaknesses are. For example, if you are reaching your goal score in verbal and just need help with quant, you may want to get a on demand course that allows you just to purchase the quant section. If your weaknesses are more evenly distributed and you thrive in a classroom setting, you may want to get a whole classroom course.
  6. BGPCEliza


    I would be interested too! Can you explain more about how it works?
  7. Yes, this is true. Now when you take the GMAT you will be able to see your score BEFORE you decide if you want to cancel or not. If you do decide to cancel, you can reinstate your score within 60 days for a $100 fee.
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