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  1. awdrgy

    Applying to New school(Philosophy)

    I haven't met any continential grads or undergrads who even consider applying to New School. The history of the school is interesting, but they don't seem to fund. There are plenty of better (already mentioned) places to study continental philosophy, and not just due to funding.
  2. awdrgy

    LSU for Philosophy?

    Does anyone know if LSU has any placement information listed anywhere?
  3. awdrgy

    2016 Rejection/Plan B Thread

    I will have to look more into this if my shut out continues throughout the month. I suppose I could try to reach intermediate level before applying. My plan was to switch the time I spent on applications over to studying language and philosophy here soon. What are some of the better programs in your experience? What are the most preferred languages in these programs? I appreciate the response!
  4. awdrgy

    2016 Rejection/Plan B Thread

    A: Pursue the lifestyle of Karl Marx, writing immense treatises and researching from my apartment while neglecting any semblance of a professional career. B: Move to another country to learn language (French, Spanish, etc.) and teach English there. C: Apply again. This was first on my plan B list before I applied, but now I'm sort of wanting to do some real soul searching before moving forward. It was my goal after graduation to take some time to myself, and I don't feel I did enough of that. If I do muster the courage to go for another round, I will first work to murder the GRE, as it is the bane of my existence, probably write an entirely new writing sample, and try to narrow down my list of programs...learning another language wouldn't hurt, but maybe I'd have to take an entire year for that or find some way to intermix plan B and C. D: Get another Bachelor's degree in either French, Economics, History, Sociology, Mathematics, or Physics...Indecisiveness is the general theme of my life. I think I need to read Sartre or something. E: Work on creative writing like fiction. F: Become a librarian. In any case, I'll keep studying, but it is very depressing to feel like there is nowhere to belong. I'm having a tough time finding a job atm or really even finding the enthusiasm to find a category of job to pursue with more interest. It's nice to read others with a more positive outlook and a sense of humor; I wish I could conjure up some humor to deal with this wait. Maybe I'll work on some comedy writing too.
  5. The other thing I'd point out is that Claremont Graduate University doesn't appear to fund their M.A. students very often.
  6. awdrgy

    Fall 2016 Applicants: Introduce Yourselves

    oh, that must be what I read. Whew. That's what I was going for, thank you!
  7. awdrgy

    Fall 2016 Applicants: Introduce Yourselves

    You people who have applied to UChicago Committee in Social Thought, was I supposed to have applied for that already? I specified that I was interested in my application, but I thought I read on the website that you were supposed to be admitted or something. Maybe I read that somewhere else. Now I see that they award you funding? How does that work? Are you admitted to the Committee alongside the program? Do you get extra funding, does it combine, or does it replace your funding? Does anyone know if it is possible to apply to that after being accepted? Damn.
  8. awdrgy

    Fall 2016 Applicants: Introduce Yourselves

    Hey, as is evident, I've sold my entire livelihood with the distant hope of getting into a graduate program. I was supposed to narrow down some programs, but I basically have decided to apply everywhere, which was either really stupid or really smart. Not sure which yet. There are definitely outstanding programs, but with my average GRE, no-name school, and niche, outlier interests I figured I'd cast a wide net. I lean quite Continental and am also interested in Critical Theory and literary theory. I was drawn to heavy Continental programs, many not ranked on the PGR, but I looked carefully for publishing, teaching faculty in my AOIs. I applied to a couple of interdisciplinary programs, and I would be very pleased with either admit. Despite not finding much on the west (besides UO), I have a friend attending right now at UCI English, studying Marxism and Continental philosophy, so I tried to drop a few lines in UC though the UCI program is the main Marxist one where I feel I'd have a chance. I'd have done more English now if I had the chance, but I was pretty dead-set on "philosophy." I think my app is better for Philosophy, but there are definitely strong related programs in English for me. Anyway, that's my story. More in the sig.
  9. awdrgy

    PhD programs in continental philosophy?

    I'm in a similar boat with average GRE scores (esp. in V) and small program. I decided to try to apply just about everywhere, including interdisciplinary and English/Literature programs that were more focused on critical social theory and Marxism, since that is interesting to me along with Continental philosophy. In the end, it was probably a worse idea than trying to perfect my application materials, as I have a tendency to procrastinate to a rather extreme extent and since my application already doesn't stand out incredibly much. I have a really good CV in some senses, w/ a lot of conference activity, conference organization, tutoring and instruction experience, 4.0 in majors, but everywhere I read says that most of that is given no effectual weight. On the points that matter, it's very hard to know where you stand when you have read very little other students work and when there is so little information on accepted graduates (though Kaimakides did some really awesome data analysis on GRE scores). From the conferences that I attended, I thought my work was on par with students there, but they aren't necessarily representative. I think my more long-term advice, and what I have decided myself, is to (if not accepted) improve GRE scores as much as possible, perfect the writing sample, research the professors and their work (I tried incorporating as much of it as possible into my writing sample), perfect the letters of intent, etc. Being a type A personality, you probably got a lot of this done, so you may be in a better place than I am, and I'm still trying to be hopeful!
  10. awdrgy

    What's the dream?

    At this point, after all of what I feel is the disheartening research I've done to attempt at getting into a program, I would say that I would be pretty satisfied with an adjunct position, ~20K, and a lot of writing and research time. A published book and/or a lot of published research papers would be good, but even just personal satisfaction with my own research could be all right. Anything is better than the job I have now, hahaha. If I'm really lucky, just about any TT job, ~30K, and research time/publications would be amazing.
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for the great advice. I'm sorry I just didn't log in for a while, though all of the advice has helped me think about what I'm doing. sxdat, I really appreciate the lengthy response w/ probably the best advice I got from anyone (including my undergrad professors). I did wait one year, and I have decided to go ahead with apps for MA and PhD Philosophy, Interdisciplinary, and some English programs. I definitely feel like the year has helped me to straighten out exactly what I think I am doing, and while I, I'm figuring that I may as well. I didn't realize how competetive those interdisc programs are as well as philosophy, and I'm really hedging my bets there esp., but I think I'll be content to be rejected and spend another year reading, reasing my scores, and perfecting (or writing new) writing samples. I am a pretty young graduate, so I'm in no hurry, though I do hate my job and would really appreciate being surrounded by a campus and intelligent people again.
  12. I've been trying to figure this out on my own for some time now, and I think it's time I ask for some other opinions. I'm graduating this Spring, and I chose not to apply for graduate school in the Fall because I just didn't have any idea at that point in time, and honestly the advice I was given from my advisers was piss-poor or misdirected. Those who are honest with me have described me as having "fringe interests" or interests in "the intersection of things" and what not. I am an English and Philosophy dual major, but I come from two departments that are actually very weak in the areas where I'm interested. I read Existentialism primarily, but I'm interested and have read a bit in Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory (and race theory generally), Continental Philosophy, Semiotics, Structuralism/Poststructuralism, and Gender Theory. One of my main interests is Foucault, whether as a philosopher, historical philosophical/social theory figure, a tool kit for social problems, or in terms of his critical and historical methodologies, or really wherever else he is applied. I got into philosophy reading Nietzsche, and I was really interested in his interpretation of Nietzsche. I am currently getting into Heidegger and his relation with others. From there I plan to branch out and start delving into all of the stuff I didn't read in my undergraduate degree. While I'm sure that Foucault is active all over academia by the broad and intense familiarity with his though, it seems to me that there isn't much attention given to him in the departments he identified (for many reasons I'm sure). What I'd really be interested in researching is utilizing Foucault's methodologies (and whoever) in a critical and philosophical framework to, for one, start doing historical work on institutions and the creation of subjects as well as discourse, but I would also be interested in historical work on Foucault himself, and surrounding philosophers and theorists such as Nietzsche, Marx, Heidegger, Derrida, and all those in conversation with them and on and on. Lastly, as I said above in less detail, I would also be interested in working on contemporary social problems utilizing Foucault including race, gender, etc. as well as the penal system and education, but I'm also interested in socio-economic analysis in this respect; Ideally, I would like to do all of this. I'm also not dead set on utilizing or working on Foucault at all times, but I use him as a pin point to identify the diverse area of study I'm interested in pursuing, so I would look at any and all figures. The problem I have is that my interests are far and wide, and not overly informed. This being the case, I haven't been able to target which program would be the best in pursuing work on and with Foucault at the graduate level. I'm still in the process of looking at professors, and I know some of the bigger names and even smaller names, but I haven't been able to find any "strong" dept.'s (except maybe Berkeley) for Foucault scholarship or at least pin down where I should be looking. Is it common to apply to multiple different kinds of departments? It seems to me that the differences in methodology and canon would greatly alter my course. I do plan to apply in the Fall of 2015, and so far I have identified continental Philosophy programs, Comparative Literature programs, English Programs, and programs in rhetoric, discourse, as potential programs. I have found that there are Critical Theory Emphases at many universities for the humanities, but since they apply to all the available programs, it doesn't help to make a decision. I am definitely more interested in philosophy and theory than literature, but I also don't mind and even like the idea of having to learn 3 or 4 languages by graduation. I'm also considering doing an MA before moving forward to get a bit more of a handle on things because my department was so weak in my area. I plan to read as much as possible and learn a language. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I'm thinking that in a Comp Lit program it might be necessary, so I can have time to learn some language. One consideration I had was to do a Philosophy MA and then a Comp Lit PhD at a theory heavy University, but I was told that some Universities look down upon this kind of thing, especially when the MA isn't fully funded. Thoughts? I guess I can only curse Foucault for being so hard to categorize, but I hope some of you with a sense of climate in graduate programs can offer your advice.
  13. awdrgy

    Columbia's MA in History and Literature

    I'd also be hearing from students and others about the program generally. JaneLemon, Did you end up entering it?
  14. awdrgy

    Foucault studies in the U.S

    If one were looking to do similar historical work on discourse to that of Foucault, which would be a better route at this point? a Comp Lit Program, a plain English Program, a Philosophy Program, or even a Communication Program? Or would each have their own pros and cons related to their disciplinary structure? What about odd programs such as Berkeley's Rhetoric program or Minnesota's Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society? If I could direct the question at you especially, lyrehc, but I would appreciate answers from anyone. Also, what level of interdisciplinary work is acceptable in graduate school, especially somewhere like Berkeley? I know they emphasize interdisciplinary work, but how far does that go? I'm thinking here in terms of working between departments like sociology, anthropology, critical theory, and philosophy (there isn't a lot of connection between the four professors there who utilize elements of Foucault or have some relation to him), each at Berkeley having one scholar related to Foucault in different and interesting ways--granting that ultimately there would probably be more specialization at the end of the degree.
  15. awdrgy

    Foucault studies in the U.S

    I am interested in getting some more information on Foucault Studies in Philosophy or Comp Lit. Are there any programs that are strong in this area in the US? Or even outside of it?

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