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  1. For those who went during the Feb. 26-28 weekend, can you give a brief overview of what you felt during your visit? Did you feel comfortable during the visit? Satisfied by the responses given by graduate students and/or faculty? Pleased by the environment of the school?
  2. Thank you for the suggestions/criticisms as directed toward this post. I know gifts are usually not necessary, but it's something to show my appreciation that they have gone above and beyond in terms my expected standards for them. I mean, why do we tip waitresses, delivery people, taxi drivers, etc etc tips - isn't in their job description to serve us when we ask, deliver an item within an expected time frame and bring us from point A to point B, respectively? While I may not be correct, I believe we tip them outside of what they're originally being paid because we feel they have gone above a
  3. When I got my first acceptance, I was hanging out with friends since it was winter break. We just ordered some food and then I saw an email notification come in. I swiftly opened it and started bouncing up and down in my seat. When I was accepted into my top school (Caltech), I was in one of my chemistry classes. It was the last school I was waiting to hear back from and everyone in my lab was waiting to hear back from Caltech. I'm a bad student who checks their phone in class. So when I felt a buzz on my phone, I had to look. It was an email from Caltech and I quickly opened the email. Up
  4. I've seen a number of threads regarding what to get for your LoR writers but I've been having an extremely hard time deciding what to get for my writer. I know what to get for my other 2 letter writers, but this last one has me pulling my hair. He's essentially been there for me since the day I joined his lab... he actually reached out to me and asked if I wanted to join his lab. Long story short, he's done a lot for me from letter writing, mentoring... in essence, being the role model that I needed throughout my undergraduate career. ANYWAY why he's so picky. He's... very plain. -Chocola
  5. I feel the same (this school for me was UC Berkeley). I applied initially during my senior year of high school as a math major. Rejection. With time, my interests changed and I soon became a chemistry major. During my sophomore year in college, I applied to transfer to UC Berkeley along with 2 other schools. I got into those 2 other schools, but I was rejected by UC Berkeley once again. (I ended up staying my current university in the end) Now during my senior year of college, I applied to UC Berkeley in addition to my other 4 schools for my PhD in Chemistry... and what do you know, I got in!
  6. Congrats! I personally felt the same about the Chem GRE, but I guess we can proudly tell future applicants that there's more important matters than the Chem GRE (from personal experience, too!) I absolutely know how you feel right now. Making the decision is going be the toughest call right now. Ideally, I would like to stay in California, especially Southern California. I literally live 35-40 minutes away from Caltech (assuming no traffic on freeways) and I enjoy just about everything regarding Southern California and Caltech. Unfortunately, my #1 POIs are at Michigan and UNC-Chapel Hill.
  7. AHHH got an email from a prof. on the Caltech chem admission committee accepting me into their program! Finally done with all my admissions! Somewhat regretting I didn't apply to more schools.
  8. I wonder what became of those two students who were dismissed. I really hoped they managed to find other labs to complete their degrees - it would be highly disappointing (and perhaps even more damaging to the school) if these two were forced to leave because of failed replications that weren't even their fault. I'm still surprised that Sezen still has her second PhD, but I guess the other school can't really do much as long as she didn't fabricate her data for that PhD. What astonishes me is that Sames was not only able to keep his tenure, but also did not receive any repercussions as a
  9. Congrats on the recent Princeton, MIT and Caltech acceptances! The countdown on the number of days for acceptance into Caltech has begun. Best of luck, Caltech applicants!
  10. As a fellow analytical chem applicant, let me contribute my two cents. GPA is important, but only to the extent that you are able to maintain a good enough GPA while focusing on everything else, especially your research. If you can keep a 3.3 by the time you apply, I believe you should be fine during applications. Albeit GPA was never a main concern for me, I did have some rather low GRE scores (52% percentile in Verbal for the GRE and 42% percentile for the Chem GRE). I was concerned these would play a large factor in my applications and I took the risk of submitting my Chem GRE score, despit
  11. Same. I started losing hope a couple of days ago after I saw a number of people getting into Berkeley but I kept refreshing my email only to see no replies... until now. Congrats! ^__^ Nothing better than scaring my lab because of this. I freaked out a couple of people because our school wifi was too slow in loading my Berkeley email. LOL.
  12. Phew, Berkeley admissions are still coming out. It freaked me out when I didn't see many Berkeley admissions this week... But just got accepted into Berkeley!!
  13. Hahaha soon. We'll be in grad school very very soon. Patience, young grasshopper.
  14. I would if it wasn't the weekend before finals (quarter system)... So the March 27th weekend it is!
  15. Also, I just received a fellowship from Purdue but not acceptance letter yet They're probably waiting on my last letter of rec writer to submit his letter (whom I've been constantly bugging him about), but I'll take it as an "acceptance" for now
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