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  1. That's awesome! I hope you get good news soon! May I ask what schools you applied to?
  2. I'm looking at Northern Arizona university and Seattle university (dropped down to 2 looking for a different third school ) They have good opportunities to really gain practical experience in student affairs which is one of my most important things.
  3. Thank you for the information. It sounds like my scores, while not super awesome shouldn't get me automatically disqualified.
  4. Thank you. It's nice to get insight from folks who have been on the other side of the application experience. My GRE scores won't expire until late 2017 so applying this fall is my last chance to use them. I was mostly wondering if re taking it would do much good. Overall, the three schools I'm planning to apply to right now don't ask for GREs ( not on purpose just the way it worked out).
  5. Hello everyone, I was hoping to get an idea of what typical student affairs master's program GRE scores look like. I took the GRE a few years ago before going for my English MA. My scores were good enough to get into a couple MA programs but I have no idea if the student affairs folks would want higher scores. Does anyone have any idea about this?
  6. Hm, no I hadn't thought about academic affairs. I'll have to look into that. I would love to advise education majors. I had great advisors who really helped me figure out my education plans, it would be nice to help other folks. I'm open to working with college students in pretty much any format outside the classroom.
  7. Thanks for answering my question. I personally loved Americorps but didn't really think about them for working with college students, I did two years at education related sites (mostly for high school kids) and used my ed award for my MA in something not student affairs related. I'll have to think about that, not sure I can do that stipend again with no ed award payoff. I do wish I could find a better way to parlay my education and working with students experience into student affairs ( I was an English teacher and worked in tutoring) , but that doesn't seem to be useful when applying for jobs. The admissions jobs sound like they might be the way to go. I'll keep an eye out for any openings. I appreciate you giving me a couple of things to look at!
  8. @ ZeChocMoose---Follow up question. So I've been trying to get a student affairs job and everyone (people I've interviewed with/ informational interview folks etc) pretty much tells me that since I'm changing careers and have no experience I need to go for the masters. Any suggestions on getting a job before deciding if the masters is necessary?
  9. I graduated with my MA in 2015 and will apply for student affairs Master's programs that start in Fall 2017. I'm taking two years off to work, save a little money and hopefully get a good application together. However, I am struggling to find work that is in student affairs. Right now I'm working for an after school program for high school kids which I think ties into my overall goals of working with admissions but who knows what the people reading my resume would think.
  10. Snow21

    HESA Masters 2016

    Thanks for the feedback on Northern Arizona and Seattle U. I'm not planning on applying for this fall. I'm hoping to get in for fall 2017, so I've got a little time to learn more. Sorry for the confusion by OSU I meant Oregon State University.
  11. Snow21

    HESA Masters 2016

    Hey everyone. I know y'all are in the throes of interviews and acceptance letters but I have a question for Fall 2016 apps. Has anyone applied to or have any info about the feel/ perception of the programs at Northern Arizona University, Seattle U, SUNY Buffalo or OSU? I'd appreciate any insights.
  12. Snow21

    HESA Masters 2016

    Yeah, I don't suggest anyone follow that particular path. Although, it was worth it. I got to go to a school pretty much for free. No clue if that would have happened or if that school would have been on the list if I'd only done one or two schools.
  13. This is amazingly helpful. One of my alma mater's just posted an opening for a Resident Director so I'm going to go ahead and put in for that (I checked after seeing your response). I will reach out to folks and see if I can get some informational interviews set up. I also appreciate the reassurance that hope isn't lost.
  14. Thank you. I will keep applying. Most of the folks I know who have the types of jobs I want do have student affairs related degrees, but I know that's not everyone's experience.
  15. Thank you. I thought trying to get a job in higher ed should be my main focus at the moment. I'll definitely put in for residence hall director and admission counselor jobs. I just haven' had much luck getting a foot in the door so far but hopefully that changes. I do have a follow up question. Since all the jobs ask for a Master's in Student affairs/ higher ed etc should I just ignore that and apply anyway?
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