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  1. http://www.menards.com/main/paint/paneling-planking/paneling/tileboard/dpi-flat-white-wall-panel-white-melamine/p-1473392-c-8176.htm Cheap white board! I got a few of these on my wall. Love them even for just reminding myself of everyday things, along with working on problems. Lots of colored markers also. http://www.amazon.com/Coffee-Shrub-CLEVER-Clever-Dripper/dp/B0047W70GY + a grinder and kettle and lots of good coffee -find a local roaster you wont regret it- You can use that thing for tea also if cofffee isn't your thing. For 20 $ its a great purchase. . For ele
  2. For what its worth based on my experience, if it looks like you'll be a good researcher, most ChemE PhD programs will still accept you as long as your background is close enough, but they might make you take some of the core undergrad ChemE classes that you missed when you're in your first or second year as a grad student. There was an environmental engineer in my ChemE PhD class for instance who had to do just that.
  3. http://www.jetpens.com/Dot-Grid-Notebooks/ct/1669?&pn=1&sa=price&so=1&ip=24 Jep pens offers a few at a discount when you buy in bulk. Nothing as cheap as 1$ though but a few that are not as expensive as moleskin.
  4. Yes I love a nice notebook also with nice paper as well. I'll have to check that out. This is kind of my idea of wanting to get a nicer set also. Though I understand how wanting cheap ones also is handy. Lots of interesting suggestions though on the topic, thanks for sharing. I figured many grad students would have a bit more of an obsession with writing instruments then the general public.
  5. I found I gaind weight in undergrad more. I picked up weight training in grad school in order to stay sane and lost quite a bit of weight.
  6. I do a lot of writing as I'm sure many of you do as well. I'm curious if you have any pen or even pencil suggestions? I'm planning to invest in a nicer set since I'm tired of cheap ones breaking and the cheap feel of them when writing if that makes sense. My friend recently got a Rotring pen and that thing feels pretty nice to write with(and looks good) and I'm curious if any of you have any prefered pens or pencils you have an attachment to.
  7. I would not worry at all with the strong stats you have. Research experience is one of the most important aspects most schools look at and you have plenty of it. Combined with everything else being very strong the weak verbal gre wont matter.
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