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  1. FM2

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Hi, everyone! It's been great to read through this thread and see everyone's profiles (and comparing it against my own lol). Figured it was about time I posted here myself, though. I'm applying to social psych programs. My research interests are at the intersection of inequality, judgement and decision making, and wellbeing. I'm not too picky about location, as long as there's a match in interests and I get good funding. I'm still on the look out for profs, but these are the schools I'm looking at for now: Miami University in Ohio, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Rutgers - Newark, University of Virginia, and University of Toronto. I have a master's in Applied Psychology (Clinical specialization) and worked for a year as an Assistant Prof teaching Counselling Psych grad students (in my country, if you have a Master's degree and pass a national eligibility exam, you can teach higher ed). I also guided six students with their master's thesis during this time. I really wanted to get some professional research experience, though, so I quit my job after a year and am currently working as an RA on a funded project at a prestigious university. I've interned at an internationally renowned lab with a great prof in US. I also did a bunch of independent research projects during my undergrad and post grad years, and my master's thesis is on a really unique topic and great fit with my research interests. I took the GRE a while back and scored 156 (Q), 161 (V), and 4.5 (Writing). So I'm not worried about my LORs and my grades. I am, however, worried about my research experience and lack of publications. I'm working on getting stuff published right now, and hope to have maybe 2 by the time I apply, but considering the competition, I don't think that's enough. I'm also worried about the perception of my degree, since its from an intl one. So, any suggestions on how to improve my application? Also, please pm if you have any prof/uni recs that you think might match with my research interests! Thanks, and all the best to everyone applying!
  2. FM2

    India and DSM

    I am a final year psychology student from India. And yes, we do use the DSM in mental health diagnosing.

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