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  1. I was denied from UTD. Just found out on site. Good luck to everyone else
  2. Slp8180, thanks for the update. Glad to know something! I really hope we get good news soon, but I'm kind of slowly letting go of the anticipation. It peaked last week when I really thought we'd find out too. Realllly trying to remember that all we can do is wait and pray for the best.
  3. I'm worried! I didn't get one but my UTD Galaxy site still says under revieww
  4. I still haven't heard from UTD either. Ahhhh. I called last week and they were really vague about when we would find out- just said they weren't sure. I felt too imposing to call again ha. I wonder what's taking so long or if they've changed their process- it doesn't seem like it's taken this long other years
  5. Ah the wait for UTD is still killing me... Does anyone know what day registration is? I thought for sure I'd hear something by yesterday, but my status is still 'under review'... Is anyone still in the same position? Or has anyone else been accepted in the last few weeks?
  6. Woohoo futureslp15! Congrats. One more spot for us UTD hopeful peeps!
  7. No word yet... Getting pretty discouraged. I'm trying to still be hopeful as sometimes 'no news is good news'. Yeah that sounds very stressful about Baylor- I wonder if they realize that other schools are already offering positions to great potential applicants. Seems like they would want to secure good students for their program asap
  8. As someone who left my job to pursue this career, it's year 3 for me between first getting prereqs and now applying for the second time. I am lucky enough to have the ability as my husband and I do not have children, but I would definitely have a back up plan if applying doesn't work the first time... However, 3 schools in your area raises your chances. I applied to only one school last year and am reapplying this year after being waitlisted then not making it to admission from that list. i don't want to be negative, just thought you should hear from someone who is trying to make the switch.
  9. Look into being a therapy technician- I worked as one at a pediatric clinic, assisting STs, OTs and PTs. I set up for treatment, assisted during treatment, and cleaned up afterwsrds. Great way to learn what they do and work with patients firsthand
  10. Ha, well if Baylor are both of your first choices, then I don't feel so bad hoping y'all get in and choose it over UTD! But still, that's great that y'all heard back so quickly- it probably is an indication that y'all are very desirable applicants and that will probably be the same for Baylor. So good luck! I'm guessing those of us who haven't been accepted or rejected yet are the 'on the fence' people? Who knows how the process works, I'm just hoping my experience teaching and as a therapy tech will help me get some extra points and be admitted. My numbers aren't super fabulous: 3.5 GPA overall, 4.0 on some science pre-Reqs that I got for both OT application and speech, 161 Verbal, 150 Quantitative on GRE.
  11. Congratulations on your UTD acceptance! I am waiting to hear from them- and getting more and more nervous each day. I've seen some people have been accepted, some denied, but my status just remains 'under review'.
  12. No idea... I went on a tour of the campus and asked, and they said less than the number that applies for fall, but it varies each year. I really hope to hear from them soon! I keep checking Galaxy every day to see if my status changes. I'm also wondering if it's possible to roll over my application to the next semester (fall) if I don't get in in the Spring- I'll probably call and ask if I find out that I'm not accepted this round.
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