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  1. Yeah, I'm enjoying it for the most part! It's stressful, like any other program, but manageable. Really, only having class for 12 months and then an externship anywhere in the USA for 5 months, is not a bad gig. They also give awesome scholarships, I think it typically covers 50% of tuition. Also, the faculty is going through a lot of changes right now, we just got a new head of the department, so that could be the delay in some communication! If you call Dr. Park, he would probably talk your ear off and have you come visit! I really do think visiting helped my chances of getting in!
  2. I'm doing this from my phone, so who knows if this will work. But...I am in Baylor's grad program! I did not go to baylor as an undergrad, I went to UT Austin. Contact Jungjun Park for a tour/questions! Go to baylors CSD page and he will be on the faculty tab! Hope that helps!
  3. Thanks so much! I appreciate it! And did you talk about that in your Statement of Purpose? I feel like they must consider that!! Honestly, I would call/email Dr. Stillman and ask when you will hear by! Maybe it will show that youre really interested in their program!
  4. wishingwishing; accepted into Baylor with a 38k scholarship! I accepted my offer and declined UTD, so hopefully this will help you out!
  5. Longhorn731: that's just what Dr. Park told me! I had a mini panic attack once he said that.
  6. It's only a year long and it's close to home! also, I like that it is a small university. UT is huge and I've felt like a number rather than a person here, so I'm ready to actually know the professors and students!
  7. Trust me, I dropped a ton of hints when I visited Baylor 2 weeks back. "Yeah I found out about UT Dallas on Sept 21....." GRRR. I think it's cause they accept 11 students so they have to look at everyones application first. Also I hope you find out soon! I'm sure you are close to getting in, they may just be waiting until someone declines the offer. If you haven't gotten rejected yet, there is DEFINITELY still hope.
  8. I think you have a great shot! Any word yet?? I still haven't heard from Baylor and I'm so frustrated!!! it's hard to find apartments/get financial aid when you only have 2 months notice!
  9. I hope so too wishingwishing! Where did you do your undergrad?
  10. hey longhorn731, I go to UT too!! I wonder if I know you!!! I talked to the graduate director of Baylor on monday and he said we may not know until mid-November....I cant handle this stress much longer! And wishingwishing- I was a Respite care worker and had research experience, so I think this helped me a lot! Also, i have heard that most programs do not stress GRE scores, so I don't think that it is a huge deciding factor (I could be wrong though). Furthermore, the Dean wrote me a letter of rec, so I think that helped me too! And thanks everyone for the congrats! I am very excited, but nervous. Baylor is my top choice, so I am just waiting!
  11. Hey yall! This is my first post on here, so let's see if I get it right! I applied to UT Dallas and got accepted on September 21, I was surprised that I heard so quickly! I am waiting on Baylor's decision, does anyone know when we will hear by? Applied: UTD and Baylor Accepted : UTD Overall GPA: 3.86 CSD GPA: 3.97 Verbal GRE: 149 Quantitative GRE: 157 Writing: 4.5
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