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  1. I agree with SHArmadillo. If you can get financial support (be it from the dept/school/personal), then definitely consider doing a masters first and re-try for that program.
  2. So I mailed the department's grad admin personnel last week (Apr 14th to be exact) and this is what I wrote: Dear Sir/Madam, I have applied to your department's PhD program for Fall 2010. Just today, I have called to inquire about my application status and was redirected by the Graduate & Professional Admission office to you. According to the Graduate & Professional Admission office, my record on their system shows that my application is still under departmental review. So, I was wondering if you'd know approximately when would a decision be made? Or if there is any update on the
  3. Still waiting for 2 schools. Driving me insane
  4. it's already the 21st and i'm still waiting for 2 phd decisions. how is that even possible???

  5. It's officially the 13th today and I'm totally freaking out. I'm still waiting for decisions from Ohio State and Minnesota. It seems awfully weird that I still haven't heard anything from them so late into the process. Anyone still waiting for these 2?
  6. Good luck! Finally, the wait is over.
  7. All these waiting got me thinking last night. When it's already so late into the "waiting-season" (it's already April 6th), and they're still not getting back to you, it could only mean bad news right? Then I threw a tantrum (more like a mental tantrum), made myself a cup of jasmine green tea, watch some Criminal Minds and went to bed. This morning, I felt like I'm having a hang over and like I barely slept at all. Came in to work, half expecting 3 rejection emails waiting for me. But there was none. And the wait goes on... Sorry for the rant. Just have to vent.
  8. Still waiting for 3 schools. Only rejections so far. Sigh...
  9. Still waiting for 3 schools. April better be it.
  10. I've applied to 6, and only heard back from 1 (rejected). So, sort of on the same boat too My fiance applied to the same 6 school and got 3 rejections already. And the worst part is, all 3 came from different schools than the 1 rejection that I got. So, it's sort of 4 down and 2 more to go for us. It'd be a tough decision to make if both of us are accepted into different schools.
  11. Still no news And I'm slowly going down the "no-news-means-bad-news" spiral
  12. That's just horrible. Definitely unacceptable by any standards. Shame on those people who crafted the email
  13. Looks like we are applying to the same course and have applied to 2 same schools Which one is your dream school?
  14. OMG. If they do that to me, I'd be freaking out (on April 1st) and totally forgot that it's April 1st. And then the next day, I'd be really really mad at them for doing this to me I might even get a heartattack
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