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  1. Wish I could give extra +1's for the gratuitous "eh"
  2. I appreciate the insight, but traveling to the city is financially infeasible for me.
  3. Dearest Gradcafe, I have accepted an offer to study in Canada beginning in September, 2017. I live in the US and as such have experienced the difficulties of trying to secure housing from 1,500+ miles away. I found quite a nice place near to the campus which matches all of my criteria. I wonder whether or not anyone has experience in a similar situation. I will almost surely be unable to visit the place before moving to my new city permanently in the beginning of August. I am confident I'll be able to send either my advisor or fellow graduate student to view the place in my absence t
  4. Thank you all so much for the insightful replies! A very interesting point about the self deprecating comments about the department-I hadn't thought about it this way. Indeed, it is the case that my present department is not highly regarded whereas the university where he's spending his fellowship year is world class. I suppose that I should re-emphasize that I haven't really been all that concerned about what other people in the department have to say with respect to his staying or leaving (after all, what do they know?) For me the alarming piece of information is that his wife and chil
  5. Thanks to both of you for your thoughts! I like the idea of trying to fish for information with tact. On the other hand, might it be the case that direct and straight forward communication is appreciated? From my perspective time seems to be somewhat of the essence-assuming that he is leaving and is able to negotiate some other situation for me (I stress that he is the only person in this department whose research interests me at this point; I accept that this sounds awfully close-minded) will I still need to formally submit an application by the regular application deadline (December 2014)
  6. Hello friends! Let me start by saying that being a part of this community has been helpful beyond measure throughout my graduate career-thanks for always being so awesome. I chose to apply to the school which I'm currently attending because of the intriguing work of the lone professor in my area of interest. I came and visited the school, got to sit down and talk with my potential adviser for 45 minutes, loved him and his work, loved the department, etc., and decided to attend. The catch: my adviser was selected for a prestigious research fellowship at (one of) the most influential math
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