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  1. The same happened to me. I did contact other professors whose research interested me, but I had not mentioned in my SOP. They haven't replied either, so I wouldn't know what to recommend you. Anyways, I don't think you have anything to lose. Have you been admitted into the program yet?
  2. Thanks for your response! Anyone agrees or disagrees, or has other thoughts? Please share
  3. Hello. I have the great blessing of choosing between my two favorite schools. I got a fellowship at Stanford and an assistantship at Illinois, so money is not an issue here. Now I have the problem of deciding between the two schools. I am mostly interested in earthquake-resistant structures. Any thoughts on which is the best option? Thanks!
  4. I've heard that the normal load for a student not involved in TA or RA is about 14-16 units per quarter. So it is possible to finish the degree in 3 quarters (9 months). Or you can choose to take less courses per quarter (which costs less if you take 10 units or less) and finish in 5 quarters (year and half).
  5. I called UT Austin yesterday and they told me they expect to have all decisions by the end of next week. UC Berkeley said that they expect to finish making decisions this week, and that I should be getting an email sometime next week.
  6. Those decisions are program-specific. In my case (structural engineering and geomechanics) they said they are working on it, and that I should call back in a few days to check again.
  7. They said they expect to make decisions on financial aid applications by the end of March.
  8. They sent out an email saying that most decisions that include funding are made in March, while most decisions without funding are made in April.
  9. I applied for M.S. in Structural Engineering. Need financial aid. Good luck to all!
  10. I'm in a similar situation to yours. I got 161V (87%), 168Q (95%), and 4.5AW (80%) on the first sitting, and 166V (96%), 168Q (95%), and 4.0AW (56%). Quantitative is by far the most important (I took it the second time to try for the 170). I think writing is more important than verbal, which makes me lean toward the second one. But the I'm just too proud of my second verbal score, especially being an engineering major, non-native speaker. I think I'll send both. I think there is a possibility they just consider the highest of each, since they should be interested in what I am capable of achiev
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