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  1. I have the following options with me for MS Structural Engineering: Stanford University (No funding) - expense estimate is $75,000 for complete course (5 quarters) Purdue University (No funding) - expense estimate is $55,000 for complete course (3 semesters) VirginiaTech (No funding) - expense estimate is $52,000 for complete course (3 semesters) UB SUNY (Funding offered - 50% TA) - expense estimate is $45,000 for complete course (3 semesters) I am very much excited about joining Stanford, and in fact all other universities have at least one professor whose work is of my interest. However, I am not sure if its worth spending $75,000 which will leave me with a debt of around $50,000. Compared to Purdue or Virginia, Stanford will cost me only 20 grands extra and hence I could convenience myself to opt between Stanford without funding and UB with funding. I have no plans of PhD as of now. Any suggestions are most welcome, I am finding it really difficult to select one out of the two.
  2. MS in Structural Engineering Admits: Stanford (funding decision awaited), Purdue (funding decision awaited), Georgia Tech (No funding), Virginia Tech (funding decision awaited) Reject: UC Berkeley Awaited: UIUC, UT Austin, Lehigh Univ, Penn State, NCSU. Anyone heard back from UIUC/UT Austin, international applicants in structural engineering?
  3. Undergrad Institution: NIT Warangal, IndiaMajor(s): Civil EngineeringMinor(s): GPA in Major: 9.86/10Overall GPA: 9.57/10Position in Class: TopType of Student: International maleGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 170V: 152W: 3.0TOEFL Total: 111Research Experience: 3 months RA at TU Munich, 2 research projects in college during junior and senior year (2 papers in international journal). Currently working on a research project for our client (R&D, TATA Steel) (1 patent)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 2 Gold medals during undergrads, 2 international scholarship, and some other small achievements.Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Working as a structural engineer for more than 2 years on heavy industry projects.Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: NoneSpecial Bonus Points: NoneAny Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: NoneApplying to Where: (Structural engineering MS) Stanford UC Berkeley UIUC UT Austin Purdue Georgia Tech Virginia Tech Lehigh Univ Penn State NCSU Univ of Toronto TU Delft Admits: TU Delft
  4. I have applied for MS in Civil engineering (starting Fall 16) in US universities. While going through the result page, I find that a lot of students are getting interview calls and acceptance already. I would like to know if the US universities take interviews of the international applicants for MS in Civil engineering (concentration: Structural and material engineering). If yes, when can I expect the interview call and how will it be conducted? Thank you for your suggestions! Applied: Stanford, UCB, UIUC, UT Austin, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Lehigh.
  5. I asked UT Austin if I can replace my SOP now and this is their reply: Because your file has been referred to the program we cannot remove any items. If you go directly to the upload suite (after your application has been submitted and loads into the system) you will be able to upload an updated version of your document(s). Please note that the new file will not replace the old file and both will be available to the review committee. As such, we recommend only uploading new versions of your documents if absolutely necessary. Now I am confused if I shall replace my SOP, your suggestions will be helpful!
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