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  1. Hello all! Good luck with all of your interviews and decisions! I was in your shoes two years ago, and I definitely don't want to relive that stress. But, interviewing was a great experience and really helped me narrow down what I was interested in and what type of people I wanted to work with. If you have any questions about programs, let me know! I obviously know the most about JHU, but I did go on several interviews to other programs.
  2. Hopkins acceptances will be somewhat staggered this year depending on fellowships/RAships. I know each RA professor is making their decisions separately, and they may contact the students themselves when they decide or the department may contact. Also, the fellowship acceptances from the first weekend and the second weekend may be sent out at different times. So, even if you see that other people have been accepted, that definitely doesn't mean you won't be! I believe we are offering more RAships this year than in the past, so that complicates the process a bit and may make things a litt
  3. By this point, you might already have a list of the places that are really worth visiting for you. If you have several invites already, you may want to just decline any future schools that don't rank high enough to be worth visiting.
  4. It's probably likely at this point that we are only accepting people who have already received invites, but I'm not in any way involved in admissions, so I don't know anything definite.
  5. You should wear business professional for the interview day (I wore a blouse with a black blazer, black slacks, and nice flats for most of my interviews. A lot of people were like me, some were just a bit more casual.). For girls, don't go too heavy on makeup or perfume but do try to look put together. For the other days of the weekend, it depends. If you could be around faculty, you should wear at least business casual. If it's a casual activity with grad students, jeans are fine. The grad students will definitely be less dressed up than you, so you won't be too casual there. I doubt cl
  6. That happened to me at several schools! It might be that they know those labs aren't ones that you're interested in, but those faculty are on the admissions committee and want to interview students for that reason. It also could be that the other faculty you are interested in are traveling that weekend and they wanted to make sure you got three interviews. It could also be that those faculty liked your profile and requested you. In any case, I wouldn't straight-out say you aren't interested- skim their papers so you are prepared, and, if they ask you about your research interests, be honest wi
  7. I definitely got interview invites from BME programs later than this last year! I recommend checking out the results page here for programs that you applied to to see if they have sent out invites/acceptances yet. But, even if they have, you don't need to panic. A lot of schools have staggered invites because of having different sub-programs or having some faculty being slow to make decisions. It's still early, so there's plenty of time to hear back from programs. In other news, Hopkins's first interview weekend is next weekend, and we're really excited to have you guys here!
  8. I think that one came while I was at my JHU interview, so that was mid-February.
  9. Also, just as an FYI, I got accepted into Harvard SEAS last year without any Skype interviews because the PI I got accepted with just didn't do them. So don't panic and assume you were rejected just because you don't have any Skype interviews lined up - there still could be good news coming!
  10. When I was in the middle of interviews and trying to narrow down schools, I got so tired of people telling me I'd "know" when I had found the right school. I kept asking people how they picked, and several of them said they picked the place that felt right. It annoyed me because I wanted real advice on what to look for and how to decide, but I ended up doing the exact same thing. Once you find the top couple that check all the right boxes, the final decision really is which place feels right. Good luck!!
  11. Totally doable (and actually exactly what I did for those two programs)! Be sure to request to stay with a current student on Friday night (that's an optional night, but we'd love to have people hang out in Baltimore a little longer). I will say Berkeley/UCSF's weekend is a little more tiring than others because you visit both campuses, but having the first day to just do fun things makes it easier.
  12. No problem! It is definitely in ballpark range of NSF. (Although you do get a one-time bonus from Hopkins in addition to NSF if you win!) If you have any specific funding questions, definitely ask Hong Lan. She's our program coordinator, Yeah, I did eight interviews... I got ten offers and ultimately declined two, but I probably should have filtered a bit better. Part of my decision to go on so many came from the fact that I only applied to two schools for undergrad, and I chose my alma mater because they gave me a scholarship and the other school didn't. With graduate school,
  13. I don't know what the standard stipend will be for the incoming class, but it will be in the about 30K range. Everyone offered admission into the PhD program will be offered that stipend, full tuition coverage, and health and dental insurance. If you are offered acceptance, your acceptance letter will have the exact stipend amount you are being offered. I believe Hopkins was just slightly less than Stanford/MIT, but that was more than made up for by the cost of living difference (Baltimore is a much cheaper city to live in than SF/Palo Alto). I wouldn't ask about funding in the int
  14. With interview weekends overall, have fun! Seriously - it's a chance to visit a new city, hang out with some pretty awesome graduate students (I'm not biased at all), learn about interesting research, and decide if you can see yourself there for five-ish years. Take it seriously because you aren't guaranteed acceptance and it is a professional event, but don't stress yourself out to the point where you're a nervous wreck.
  15. I didn't apply to Duke, but I did attend a bunch of other interviews. My experience was varied depending on the professor. Nearly all of them either had my application in front of them or had read it, so they were at least familiar with my background. Probably about half of my interviews overall were with professors I requested to meet with, and the other half were with professors who had either requested me, were involved in my particular subspecialty, or were in some way involved with admissions. A lot of the interviews started with them asking about me and my background, so kind of lik
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