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  1. I'm questioning the entire financial support structure of PhD programs that has led to fellowships like NSF GRFP to become such an important factor in admission to PhD programs. The amount of work that PhD students contribute to a university's scientific research certainly deserves more than a minimum wage stipend. However in the current system, not only that minimum wage is not guaranteed, but they force the students to participate in extremely competitive and stressful contests called "fellowships" and bring their own minimum wage stipends with them. This just doesn't make any sense! Admissions should only be about scientific merit, as the $ value of PhD students' work is certainly worth much more than what they get.
  2. I understand that if you are a PhD applicant, then having this fellowship will make your application much stronger, but if you are already admitted to a PhD program, then why should you be concerned about your funding? I'm not even sure why a PhD program would admit someone if they cannot guarantee the funding. Sure it is nice to have fellowships but it shouldn't be a determinant factor for students who genuinely want to do science/research. PhD is equivalent of 2 full time jobs and the least the universities can do is to relieve the students from worrying about a minimum wage stipend.
  3. Hey Folks, I applied last year, and I know these waiting days and the interviews can be stressful for you guys. Let me know if you have any question about applications and interviews. For the starters, don't worry much about GRE .
  4. I think you have a pretty good chance for all the mentioned schools. You have a very strong publication record. You GPA is not stellar but its not bad at all, especially your MS which is good enough IMO. Although I've come to realize that GRE doesn't matter much but just to cover all the bases, it wouldn't hurt to retake it for boosting up your V a notch.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'll forget what the weather is outside when I publish a couple of top notch papers ;).
  6. tbh if you choose PhD program based on weather then you should rethink your career choices. First figure out what your research interest is, then go to the place that is stronger in that field.
  7. Definitely weather should not be a major factor in deciding which school to attend. In terms of prestige, it depends on what your long term plans after graduation are. If you plan to stay in academia, prestige can be a factor in your post graduation position although it is not the determinant. But for industry, your skills matter the most and name of the school can't help you if you don't have the necessary skills for the job that you intend to apply. The most important factor should be your research interest. Your PhD tenure will most likely set course for your future career so you want it to be something that you truly enjoy.
  8. I think BME would be your best bet if you intend to use some of the knowledge from your psychology degrees in the engineering field. But you still need the quantitative background which can be achieved by taking some freshman/sophomore level engineering courses (Math, Physics, Chem, etc.)
  9. I haven't heard anything from them either. Although I really don't care as I have already accepted other offers. But, at least for the sake knowing that the application fee has actually been used for something, they should send some email or notification. Very disappointing...
  10. Definitely research. You can improve your GRE while doing research as the only section that needs improvement is Verbal. Just download a Vocabulary app and practice the words!! I think research experience is more important than GRE for graduate school admission committees, especially in Bioengineering/BME. You can still apply in Fall 2017 and spend the Spring 2018 doing research. I think a research internship is much better than an industry internship for grad school.
  11. I agree that its hard to get into a graduate school with low GPA and no research experience. You can take some time to get research experience instead of joining industry if you really want to go to grad school. Also, consider the Ga Tech's online M.Sc degree in computer science :https://www.omscs.gatech.edu/ Their acceptance rate is above 50% and you get to get a masters from one of the best cs programs.
  12. I did. But I had to call. She (the travel agent) said that she is very busy and is getting to them one by one.
  13. Thank you for your thorough responses. I mostly meant asking about funding from program staff rather than the professors. I think the rule of thumb is that most of these schools keep it close to NSF fellowship as the benchmark with a little adjustment for the local cost of living. Yes if it says they have invited to regarding your PhD application. Congrats!
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