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  1. @playfire Good Sounds you've nailed it already! For design challenges, were you asked general questions or specifically related to their research? Did they want to hear abstracts or they wanted you to break it down?
  2. Except the first and CS ones, you interviewed with 2 more people individually or at the same time? Did you mention all of them in your SOP? How many days they normally give you for preparation to do the skype?
  3. Playfire: Congrats! hope everything goes smooth for you. Let us know how your interview went did you talk to your PI before applying? Pterosaur: - Do you know by chance a ) does it make any difference if one applies for Robotics under Mechanical, Bio, or Electrical? They all basically list same profs in the research section. b ) not having external funding alters the chance? - What kind of questions you were asked in your interview last year if you don't mind me asking?
  4. It would be nice of you if you could share anything you've heard from Robotics people. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Could you please disclose which area your friend applied? I assume it would be safe to say I should move on if I don't get anything till the end of this week?
  6. Hey all! Hope you are all doing well. Anyone heard from Harvard SEAS?
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