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  1. It's now past the time they said decisions would be out and I'm still waiting.
  2. HM EE VV EE Will try again next year for sure.
  3. Same. A lot of us are. I have a feeling all open house invites are sent which means those who are waiting are waitlisted. Just a feeling.
  4. Sorry! I don't have info on anything other than what I've already shared.
  5. If I don't get a decision by next Wednesday I'm going to consider myself waitlisted. One week isn't a lot of time to plan for the open house. In previous years there were plenty of people who got another "still reviewing" email after the open house, which seems like a clear indication of being second string.
  6. @Mi5lakie I'm not too big into design myself, definitely more science/engineering. I hear NYU has some sort of interdisciplinary lab and the Stanford d.school exists (but doesn't offer a degree). That's all I got. @sam1142 Thank you! I don't feel comfortable doing that since there's a ton of personal info. I bet someone reasonably dedicated could figure me out just by doing some keyword searches based on my post history. I guarantee the main thing that got me in was research fit, perseverance contacting the PI, and asking him good questions.
  7. Just got the acceptance email for Biomech!
  8. I imagine they have some sort of PhD goal in order to not short themselves long-term students. After this, they fill up on MS only students until either carrying capacity or a quality threshold is reached. Just my guess.
  9. I just got the same email telling me to keep waiting. Recent admit has posted on the results page.
  10. Every department does it differently. Some don't even interview for the fellowships they hand out. I can't be sure why they hold off until mid March to notify people.
  11. Not sure about quantitative requirements, but I did ask the person who invited me to interview why I was selected. According to the person, the main thing that got me in was my balanced SOP. It wasn't just ungrounded passion, and neither was it just extreme technical detail. I wrote about my research and work experiences, focusing on how they made me ready for grad school and the qualities I have now. The second to last paragraph was a more detailed research direction I wanted to pursue as a result of my growth. The last paragraph was about how Stanford's connection to industry would help me reach my realistic humanitarian goals. However, all of my quantitative stats were also solid. Great LORs, good GPA, stellar GRE, pending second author publications, 3 years research and internship experience. Stanford looks highly on balanced students.
  12. I just got back from the visit day where they revealed some stats about this year's admissions. The following include both MS and MS/PhD applications. ~950 applications 224 were sorted into the Admit/Possible Admit pile 181 were admitted (19% acceptance rate) 57 were invited to interview for 5 quarter and 3 year fellowships (6%) The vast majority of people invited will receive the 5 quarter fellowship for the MS before moving into a funded PhD. The MechE department has 5 Stanford Graduate Fellowships to hand out which provide funding and an increased stipend for 3 years. Stanford is only interested in funding students whose eventual goal is a PhD. All letters will be sent out sometime in mid-March. The takeaway from this is that there are still 124 MS students who have no idea they've been admitted yet. Just wait if you're in this boat.
  13. @Deepak Singh I meant monitor gradcafe self-reported results to see when the major waves are happening, but based on what lownotsteady mentioned, it could be more of a steady stream.
  14. Nope. Just going to have to wait. And by wait I mean compulsively refresh the results page.
  15. I couldn't reschedule so I had to turn them down unfortunately.
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