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  1. Aero Applicants Fall 2017

    @luisalasnjr Congratulations on your admit! Thanks for the reply. I understand that UT is a huge university but I find this behavior unprofessional. Initially UT Austin was my first choice but I rather go to a school which atleast gives me time to explore the course. I mean it's already April 6 and they haven't sent out most of their decisions. I am quite happy with my school, but would have love to hear back from UT before accepting the offer as I did pay a hefty application fee. Hope my experience would serve as lesson to future applicants!
  2. Fall 17 applicants OR/ISE/MSE

    @gblMy friend is still waiting for a response for MS&E. He had his interview on March 15. Don't know what's going on with Columbia this time! They are taking a lot of time!
  3. Aero Applicants Fall 2017

    Thanks for replying @hellz2dayeah. I am in conundrum. I have a great admit from a school but I wanted to wait for UT Austin. However, they are taking an awful amount of time to send decisions. I have checked that all the departments(ORIE, Aero, EECS, material sci etc) have had there results. This makes me question the general attitude of the Mechanical dept. towards it's students. I mean it has been more than 4 months and still they haven't send out the results. Do you know anything in this context about the school/ department?
  4. Waiting to hear from MS MECH programmes

    My subfield is controls and dynamics. If they are going to make us wait till April 15, I am wondering the kind of attitude they have in this department. Literally all other departments have recieved there results. Its more than 4 months now!! Most probably I would choose my other choice over Austin. I don't want to wait this long. What all admits do you have @Desolate-Bill?
  5. Aero Applicants Fall 2017

    @hellz2dayeah Congratulations on your admits! Is there a specific reason you didn't opt for UT Austin? I have applied for there mech MS programme. I am curious about how good there department is in terms of funding, job opportunities? Any insight you have would be a great!
  6. Waiting to hear from MS MECH programmes

    Actually I have had the same status "Attention: Your file has been forwarded to the Graduate Committee for review." since Feb. I am not sure if it means something. But it's a positive sign that your status changed, it definitely means things are moving. I saw that they gave out aerospace results. I guess mech should be soon. Yes, I am an international candidate. What is your subfield (design , thermals etc)?
  7. Waiting to hear from MS MECH programmes

    Thanks ! Hope you get in. Would definitely update if I hear something!
  8. UMich MSE Mech vs Berkeley MEng IEOR

    For Berkeley, You should only choose Meng if you are comfortable spending that kind of money and are confident that you can land a job in 10 months with curriculum. Also, remember the cost of living in California is exorbitantly high, so it would take a lot of time to save and repay student loans. Congrats on your admits!
  9. Waiting to hear from MS MECH programmes

    @Desolate-Bill Thanks for your response! I myself guessed the same. Just wished I knew this before applying! Wasted 100$ Does anyone know about UT Austin? On the results section someone said that decisions would be out by April. Don't know what that means (April end or beginning)
  10. Is anyone still waiting for results of MS Mechanical from UT Austin and U Wisconsin Madison? It's really unprofessional of the schools to not send the results out as April 15 is approaching. Please share any thoughts/info you have. Really want to be out of limbo! Thanks!
  11. Mechanical engineering-UIUC vs Cornell

    I have been admitted to UIUC focusing on decision & control sciences. I don't know a lot about Cornell but UIUC has a really flexible programme. I am assuming you would take courses from a number of departments for controls, so flexibility is a real plus. UIUC is definitely more renowned in the industry, however if you are interested in academia, Cornell might have an edge.
  12. Duke MEM Vs Columbia MS&E Decision

    @Jain0909 Do you mind sharing when you were interviewed for Columbia ?
  13. Columbia MS&E Masters

    You should check this string. Some MS&E applicants are active. Best of luck!!
  14. Fall 17 applicants OR/ISE/MSE

    @SP09Just recieved the interview invite! Best of luck!!
  15. Fall 17 applicants OR/ISE/MSE

    @SP09 Do you know if they redirect MSE applicants to other programmes (MSOR etc), if rejected from MS&E?