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  1. good luck! when is it? I'm applying for masters as well, but not berk
  2. @Triangular the waiting sucks... are you in school in florida?
  3. @DBear Thanks for the response!! I appreciate it!!
  4. I was wondering if anyone had a good understanding on the process/steps adcoms take to evaluate candidates. If anyone could provide some insight I'd greatly appreciate it!
  5. anyone hear back from columbia msor?
  6. @dgvrpfcu haven't heard from any, but MIT will notify applicants mid/late february! The rest should come out starting march Congrats on NC State!!! What school do you currently attend (unless you already graduated)?
  7. @dgvrpfcu Have you heard back from any of them? And good luck!
  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to create this thread for (Fall 2017) MS operations research, industrial engineering, management science & engineering applicants to get to know each other a little better. Who else is applied this cycle? What are your research interests, and what are some of the schools that you're looking at? I applied to Columbia, MIT, Michigan, Stanford and Univ of Florida
  9. @montanem well, I'm from the southeast applying to the northeast... MIT, Columbia, and Michigan. Also , Stanford, but that's complete that's the opposite location.
  10. Does being a hispanic US citizen help to get accepted to a masters program? if so what do you think the level of siginificance is?
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