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  1. Would be delighted to know if anyone got through the design Impact program. If possible pls connect on mail - ivymuk2010@gmail.com
  2. I didnt hapen to check that though. Are you from India? you can mail me at - ivymuk2010@gmail.com
  3. Thank you Playfire for the detailed information. I was wondering if you have some info about their newly launched program "MS in Engg Design Impact" or if it also follows the same structure of interviewing people who are selected (if i have understood the correct thing from your information). As in, if they interview only selected applicants or applicants who will get fellowship offers. Would be highly beneficial if you have any info about the same too. thanks, Ivy
  4. Anybody here applied for Stanford MS in Engg Design Impact Program? Please reply, have few queries if they took interviews for selected candidates.
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