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  1. Thanks! I guess I'll go with Carleton, if they let me enrol soon lol. We should start a Facebook group for those doing econ over the summer! Honestly, I think it depends on the person. I know for me, i need to dedicate my time to econ. I'll see how the work load is like the first few weeks and decide from there.
  2. I tried, but it said I'm not an active student yet. I emailed Tabbatha, hopefully she gets back to me soon! Have you? I'm wondering what the syllabus is like, compared to Athabasca.
  3. Do you have a link for more info on the micro/macro courses at Carleton? It's online right? If you take the course, would the grade be transferred to your overall GPA? Or do they just care about what mark you get in the course?
  4. I might register with Athabasca uni. I'm thinking of registering with my university as a non-degree course, but I still need to talk to the department. How about you?
  5. Munk and NPSIA are both in the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). https://apsia.org/graduate-schools-programs/member-directory/?sortorder=titleasc&filtercountry=Canada "NPSIA is a fully accredited and founding member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), an association of the leading graduate programs in international affairs in countries that include the United States, Britain, France, Singapore, Korea, Russia, Switzerland, and China". Can someone explain the relevance of this? What's the difference between a ASPIA credited school and one that isn't?
  6. It shows the same for me too. I'm assuming as others pointed out, it is the courses in your first semester of the program.. You can always email Tabbatha!
  7. Wait, I'm confused. It says the same thing for me. I thought we had to take economics before our M.A starts...?
  8. Me too. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing summer before grad school, but I guess my summer will be filled up with econ classes. I'm kicking myself that I didn't apply to GSPIA. The pass/fail option looks appealing. My nightmare is not getting the required grades for econ and than have my offer rescinded. The pressure is on!
  9. I took a few online courses, and it was ALOT of work. They were social science courses, so I did well in them, since that is my area. I would love to take carleton's online econ courses, but for me personally.. I feel that with a subject like econ, I need to be in person to learn lol
  10. I will have to do the required micro and macro required (if I do end up going to NPSIA). I'm in the same position, I already applied to graduate. I was wondering if I can still graduate, but take econ as non degree courses? I don't want to include those classes in my GPA. I'll have to talk to my home school about this. Seriously dreading econ. Math is definitely not my strong suit. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but for Munk you don't need econ, right? If you're accepted, you can just take econ while you're there?
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