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  1. 2 hours ago, BabyScientist said:

    What do you mean by competitiveness? How hard is it to get in for the average applicant? Sure, then it depends on how many people apply. But then each applicant is more or less competitive for each school as well, so it's hard to say. You should be more concerned with how impactful the science is at each school (also hard to measure) and who you're most interested in working with at each school.

    Sorry, this has nothing to do with the original question. I know nothing specific about Stanford's grad programs, was just trying to understand what you meant by competitive. If you're trying to decide which program to apply to, I suggest applying to the one that will teach you the content you want to know and give you access to the faculty you want to work with. Reach out to faculty and try to ask them how they view the different programs. 

    Actually I already got into a specific grad program. Thanks to COVID-19, lately I'm lurking thegradcafe again. And I found out that the acceptance rate of Stanford Biosciences is very low (with respect to other program). Why is that?

  2. 3 hours ago, BabyScientist said:

    Sounds like the only thing that makes a program competitive is how many people apply to it? Most schools interview about twice as many as they hope to enroll, accept 50-75% of interviewees, and hope for fewer people to accept the offer. How many people apply in the first place is independent of that. 

    Do you have other method to quantify the competitiveness of a PhD program? 

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