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  1. So no grad school for me this year! But congrats and best of luck to everyone starting! And to those that are back in the real world for another year - like myself - it could be a fortunate happening in disguise. I'm going out to the real world... the cold cold real world. Wishing all of us luck wherever we go!
  2. No go for me this year - good luck to everyone else on here!
  3. Still waiting on Kentucky and Indiana... :/
  4. Chin up. Life has many unopened doors - sometimes we become tunneled vision because we're so hopeful for one thing. This could be the best thing for you without you even knowing it. As far as debt go that is scary but student loans aren't neatly as bad. Its better to focus on career oriented goals if PhD is being stalled. And usually the money falls into place too. Good luck breaks0
  5. Fingers crossed for us waitlisted folks!!! =)
  6. Yeah basically what ritapita said. I applied for the PhD so no response or decisions from them yet. Good luck!
  7. Thanks so much for letting me know farsoodgee! That certainly helps my nerves a little. And, good luck to you too! =)
  8. When did you apply? Indiana and Kentucky deadline was 15th of Jan. and I called. Does no harm - just be polite.
  9. That's great to hear. I have not had much correspondence with him - but he's the person I'm hoping it works out with at Indiana. Thanks jmu!
  10. Also out of curiosity - is anyone attending ICCG2015?
  11. He's a relatively new professor in geography department but there's a strong research fit with him. His name is Majed Akhter. There's also another person who's also has a regional interest in South Asia which is incredibly rare.
  12. Waitlisted in Indiana... Its my top choice too among the three schools I applied. Fingers crossed!
  13. Nice! I really hope you get in! Fingers crossed!
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