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  1. Congrats How did you hear the acceptance news? Did they send you an email or they just updated your app status on their website?
  2. Congrats for the interview. Do you mind if I ask which degree you applied for in JH (PhD or Masters)..and what program!
  3. Does anyone know whether or not WashU, Pitt, or JH epidemiology PhD programs have sent admission results yet?
  4. I have just received an email from Maryland University, replying to my email. I was asking them if they have sent out decisions. I was told in the email that I will receive a mail to my address. Is that how it works usually? I thought I will get first an email with the decision? Does that imply anything, like if I am accepted or rejected? Thanks.
  5. how to answer an interview question: What are your weaknesses?
  6. I hope they really do not pay attention to the waiver status when reviewing my application, as they might think that the recommenders might have written the letters under the influence that I will read them, so they wont be impartial.
  7. your few words helped me feel better. LOR is the part that I really count on to make my app stands out, I feel I ruined it by not waiving to review. It is frustrating!
  8. I have come across several posts in this forums where applicants either contacted professors at the department where they had applied to or were advised to do so. I have never heard of this before.. I have applied to some top schools in Public Health. Do you advise me to contact the professors and what are the pros vs cons of doing so? Is there a preferred way to approach them, like specific questions to ask? Thanks, Mona
  9. Thanks Ashiepoo, It is not my concern what the professors would think, since I have a strong relationship with them and at least three of them would not really mind I chose not to waive my right to access them, in fact, two of my professors sent me the letters before submitting them to approve them if I want. What really matters is whether or not not waiving my right to review LOR would affect the admission committee decision and if would make those strong letters of less value.
  10. Thanks for the input.. The letters are strong. The only weakness in my app I think is my GRE score!
  11. I chose NOT to waive me right to access and review the letter of recommendations. Actually, I did not even think about the bros vs cons of my choice, unlike other parts of my applications I did not give it any importance and thought it is the right thing to always have access to my record in all situations. Some friends drew my attention to the fact that admissions would look at those letters as less reliable and that it is not to my best interest to not waive my right to review them. I contacted some of the schools where I had applied to and they all refused to change that in my application since they r already submitted. I am frustrated now, recommendation letters is the strongest part in my applications. I have 4 very strong letters from professors who know me very well, I count a lot on those letter and always believed that they will offset for any shortcoming in other parts of my app. Is there anything I can do about it now to rectify the damage if happened and how bad do you think this will affect my app? Thank you
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