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  1. My sister did her PhD there! It's a lovely place to be a student, have a great time and make sure you go to Tio's for their queso dip and tabeside guacamole!
  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I was on the waitlist for UNC BBSP and just received an offer, so the waitlist is definitely still moving a little!
  3. Desperate for some input here - I'm trying to decide between Duke and Baylor College of Medicine for Genetics & Genomics PhD programs. Baylor is the better research fit and I liked the students and faculty more, but they were very negative about my wanting to pursue an alternative career path. Meanwhile, Duke is just an okay research fit but has fantastic resources for the career I want to pursue. I also don't know how well-regarded Duke is for genetics in particular, whereas IMO Baylor is a major center for human genetics (which I want to study). Any advice?
  4. Huh, that's strange since there are several people who posted on the results page here that said they got in off the waitlist last year
  5. They said they would have decisions out by mid-January - they have interview dates through March so they have a little more time to send out invites. I wouldn't worry yet!
  6. Got an interview at Wisconsin-Madison Genetics Training Program and a 15 minute Skype interview at Emory Genetics and Molecular Biology. If anyone knows what the Emory interview means please let me know lol
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