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  1. A classmate of mine had their application returned without review today, apparently the email claimed that their intended field of study was not eligible. This student works on what is essentially a systems biology/cell biology problem, which would fall within the bounds of the Life Sciences category. I took a look and compared our apps and the only real difference I can see is that he checked the "Is your field interdisciplinary?" (paraphrasing) box. Would that be grounds for a return without review? Also, what is the best way to fight this? The email said he has until Feb 24 to appe
  2. Wow, I wish I had this information before I applied. My main issue was an excess of applications -- I had a very low acceptance rate when I applied for undergrad so I think I was overly cautious and applied to way too many grad schools. I also wasn't sure if I was a highly competitive applicant, so I cast a wide net. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Public School Major(s): Molecular Biology B.A., biochemistry specialization GPA in Major: 3.65/4.0 Overall GPA: 3.7/4.0 Position in Class: Somewhere in the middle, but most students in my class were pre-med Type of Student: Mixed race female w/
  3. For people who did not apply to Yale or declined their Yale interview, what is the rationale? I thought Yale was a top school in the Biosciences, but I'm seeing more and more people are biased against their BBS program. Can someone explain this to me?
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