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  1. Congrats Moochie!! I believe we crossed paths during the PSW at UT, so I wish you the best of luck at CU Boulder I have also finally reached my decision. I visited UNM this past weekend and it was a pleasure meeting the faculty and students. It seems like a really nice institution, but lacks the resources that UT has, so I will be declining their offer. This weekend I also discovered that I am waitlisted at Duke. Apparently they had 3 open positions and I was number 4 on the list. However, all 3 initial offers have been accepted. So, they are keeping my app open in case additional
  2. Finally got tired of waiting so I emailed all of the departments I hadn't heard back from yet. Here is what I found out: UW: "We are still reviewing applications and will let you know by mid April regarding our decision. Thank you for your patience." OSU: "The decisions are still coming out but the 1st round is done a 2nd round is uncertain. You have until April 15th to respond to any funded offers, but if you have other offers in hand, you might want to proceed." ASU: "We have already made offers of admission and are waiting to hear back from students before making decisions on th
  3. I haven't heard anything from them. I know they are on spring break this week, but I am not sure if that will speed things up or slow them down. I see that you are waitlisted at Oregon State. Did they contact you to notify you of this? I haven't heard anything from them either, so I am just curious if I should email the DGS or something.
  4. Thanks Tuff! Yeah, I have given up on worrying about the online status marker. I have not accepted the offer yet, as I am still waiting to hear back from Duke and I am scheduled to visit UNM next week. Plus I have 3 other schools that haven't responded at all. I am assuming rejection, but I just wish they would tell me something. The uncertainty is getting to me, especially since I don't really enjoy my current job. But I know I should be happy that I have options- just stressing about choosing one! But there is still time to consider
  5. On waiting to hear back after months of the silent treatment: Why do you do what you do to me, yeah Why won't you answer me, answer me, yeah I am in misery There ain't nobody Who can comfort me Why won't you answer me? Your silence is slowly killing me Girl you really got me bad You really got me bad Maroon 5 - "Misery" I realize this isn't a rejection reaction, but I feel it captures the waiting period pretty well.
  6. I don't really know how the process works, but I will re-emphasize that my POI contacted me and told me this. It is not official and my online status still says under review.
  7. I heard from my POI as well. He secured a TA spot for me and the adcom approved me for admission to the program. Just waiting on the graduate school to confirm to make it official. I'm pretty excited, but I think I'll feel more at ease once it's official.
  8. I haven't heard anything yet. I know my POI wants to take me on as TA, so I'm unsure what my chances are. At PSW, he told me it would likely be a couple of weeks until I heard anything. A couple of current UT grad students seemed to think if you were invited to PSW, then you were pretty much accepted. We shall see...
  9. 1st rejection today. I will not be attending CU Boulder this Fall. This wasn't too surprising, as my POI didn't think he'd have the funding to take on a new student. Best of luck to anyone else who applied there!
  10. Right? I finally broke down and had to email him again today. I still haven't heard anything from my grad student host. I'm flying in on Saturday and still have no idea who I am staying with. He said he sent a reminder email to them and I should hear something soon. Have you heard from your host?
  11. Nope, haven't heard back. I've already booked my flight, so hoping for more info soon.
  12. Hi Teddy! My email was from the graduate coordinator as well. Still haven't heard anything from my POI since December.
  13. Congrats GeoMex!! I also got an email form UT this morning! I'm not officiallly accepted, but I have been invited to attend the prospective student weekend Feb 21-24. Super excited!!
  14. Congrats on the good news everyone!! I haven't heard a peep from any of my remaining schools, which is starting to make me nervous. I had a very nice phone conservation with my POI at UT back in November and he asked me to let him know when I got my application completed. But I haven't heard anything from him since then. Similar situation for my POIs at ASU who seemed very interested in December, but complete radio silence since then. I know it's still somewhat early, but not getting invited to visit doesn't seem like a good sign. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Still waiting on my offic
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