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  1. No, I had different interviewers, they were all in my field
  2. I'm still waiting for their reply, but I did not apply to inorganic.
  3. I would be very surprised if a school as rich as MIT would accept someone in the Chemistry program without taking care of the funding.
  4. I have a hunch that only international students go through the interview. I don't know anything about the deadline for the admission emails, but I assume they're still debating who's in and out if they're only going to let me know by the end of this month.
  5. I've been told in my phone interview that they will notify me by the end of January.
  6. I've sent all my applications on the last day or a day before.
  7. I've only heard about one session of interviews, which is during the visiting weekend.
  8. Danishefsky is at Sloan-Kettering now and he is not taking students anymore.
  9. I got both calls and emails from Berkeley and Stanford, at an interval of maximum a week between them.
  10. I assume the generic acceptance emails from Princeton have started coming.
  11. Just got an email from a PI at MIT which I had not mentioned in my SOP, in order to schedule a phone call to "learn more about my interests". I assume this is their way of conducting interviews, and I was curious if anyone here had one.
  12. I agree with what you said about the narrowing of interests in the SOP. To me the ability to choose a POI after you get accepted to the school is what made me apply to the US in the first place.
  13. Got a call from a POI I mentioned in my SOP a week before getting the emaiil.
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