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  1. I applied in the fall and still haven't heard about this year! Fingers crossed we get notified soon. Farflung, did you end up getting the Spencer?
  2. Hi all, Thank you so much for this detailed overview. I am digging into this application and I have not found any successful apps to use as models for my own submission. Wow, no lit review. I guess that makes sense though with the brevity of the application. Thanks again!
  3. Yea my department got the notice before I got my letter via snail mail...so stoked tho!
  4. I got mine (for Argentina) on Friday and was first notified on March 22nd.
  5. I just resubmitted my budget next to the other grant I received on Sunday, and I haven't heard back yet. My friend who had no changes to his budget just got his acceptance letter today, though! My guess is that it will be a few more days til I hear back with any official notice though since they just got my revised budget. Hang in there! Official notices have started being mailed! (My friend got his in our dept mail btw).
  6. So, I was nervous and unsure about this as well, and I emailed a PDF of the Terms and Conditions document to the commission contact. She emailed me back promptly with a "Thank you for the terms" so I am unsure whether or not that was necessary but it certainly didn't seem to hurt. I don't know if that helps anyone else! I say just err on the side of cautious though. You've worked so hard for this, you want to be on top of the paperwork.
  7. I submitted mine on 3/27 and they were approved on 3/31 if that's helpful! My deadline is today too so I keep rechecking everything but I think all we needed was to upload the Terms and Conditions and the Proof of Citizenship by today.
  8. Write to your university and see if you can defer for a year. Seriously, I did that when I started my grad program and it worked out for the best. Also, they will probably be excited for you because they want students who win these types of awards.
  9. For sure! Alternates do become finalists! You are on a very short list and, while this news stings (and I remember vividly), you should nonetheless be very proud of yourself.
  10. I got the Fulbright U.S. Student Award for Research in Argentina!!!! Can't quite believe it yet! @marymouse484 APPLY AGAIN! I was an alternate last year! Fingers crossed that more people find out today!
  11. Tell me about it! Really hoping its tomorrow that more of us hear back. I'm so tired of the uncertainty.
  12. Personally, I'm giving up on this week and just hoping to hear sometime early next week. Need to mentally turn off the "it could come any minute" anxiety.
  13. Yep (from looking at last year) but it seems fairly uncommon.
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