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  1. I was accepted to UNLV for fiction last Friday via email. Don't know about poetry, but I saw on Draft that a couple of people got acceptance calls for CNF from UNLV.
  2. Rejected from UCSD...it looks like I might get rejected from literally every school that I applied to (but again, at this point, I don't really care)
  3. Count me into the 0 acceptances club too, but like I said in an earlier post, I'm basically at peace with the whole thing because now I have the opportunity to pursue other things I'm passionate about that I wouldn't have been able to do in a PhD program due to time constraints
  4. Rejected from Northwestern. To be perfectly honest, I'm gonna assume that I've been rejected from everywhere I've applied, but over the past month or so, I've become oddly at peace with not enrolling in a PhD program next fall, as it gives me a lot more time to pursue other things that I'm passionate about
  5. Weird, because I haven't heard anything from them until this financial aid thing today and I had assumed a rejection but now I don't know what to think.
  6. So, I'm very confused right now. I just got an email from the UC Irvine financial aid department saying that they received my FAFSA (I don't know why but I sent FAFSAs to all the schools I applied to even though I know PhDs are funded), but when I went to check on my grad application status it still says "under review."
  7. Berkeley reject for me as well, so that leaves 5/7 schools that I still haven't heard from.
  8. Yeah, I'm not hopeful about Berkeley at this point either Just waiting for my rejection from them. Has anyone heard from UCLA yet?
  9. I still haven't heard anything from anywhere, save for the one UT rejection...I know it's still early but I feel like if I still had a chance I would've heard from somewhere by now, so I've sort of resigned myself that perhaps a PhD is not in the cards for me (I don't plan on applying next year)
  10. Yeah, and my fit at the "higher ranked" schools I feel was better than my fit at UT anyway, but still...I guess I'm nervous because my application isn't perfect (GRE scores are average and my quant score is on the low side, my UG GPA is mediocre and I have a graduate coursework GPA that's the equivalent of 3.9-4.0 but it's from coursework I did abroad in a non-English speaking country in the native language (I'm an American) so I have no clue how adcomms will see that), I'm switching disciplines (from sociocultural anthropology to sociology) and I want to focus on ethnography/qualitative methods (which isn't that popular in sociology as far as I can tell)...but like you said, anything could happen, and I hope that I get some good news and that I don't get shut out of all 7 programs that I applied to
  11. Just got an official rejection from UT via an email telling me to check the portal, just as I expected.
  12. Sorry to be so negative, but I''ve basically given up at this point (I've heard nothing from Irvine, assumed rejection from UT and apparently CUNY is only fully funding 8 people this year) and 3/4 of the schools that are left are higher ranked than all of those that I've named, which means I don't stand a chance. The only school that's left is UCSD, but I feel like they're selective despite being lower ranked than the rest, so I doubt I'll get in there either.
  13. Whoa, that's intense. But welp, gonna cross CUNY off my list, since I can't attend any program if I'm not fully funded (and I've yet to be contacted by them or anyone else for that matter).
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