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  1. Got my rejection notice from McGill this afternoon too. Speechful, did they say that in your letter, that they received 400 applications? My letter didn't mention that... Was it from the department or from graduate studies?(not that this matters much at this point). Good luck everyone with your other schools! All the best.
  2. lakegirl, I'm so happy for you, congratulations!!! Hats off for your perseverance. And thank you for posting this. I'm feeling pretty low right now and your post has given me hope and encouragement to dust it off, make my application better and try again next year. Thank you.
  3. Congratulations to all who got accepted and waitlisted! I'm trying to stay positive here (for a spot on the waitlist) while also going over and over plans B, C, D in my head. conohan, could you please send your stats to me as well? Good luck to those still waiting, for McGill and elsewhere!
  4. Congrats again toriec! It must feel so good to be accepted by three schools, way to go! Are you the poster who posted about your acceptance on the results page this afternoon? And if so, is that your sGPA or your cGPA?
  5. Anybody else hear from McGill? I keep checking my status, my emails, my voicemails, the GradCafe app, etc. I feel like a hamster in a cage. Can't accomplish anything. How are you guys holding up?
  6. Congrats toriec! Sorry to bombard you guys with questions, but I was wondering if you and MrBombastic applied for the M.Sc. or the M.Sc.A.? Thanks!
  7. Hi! Congrats Mr. Bombastic! I'd also appreciate it if you could send me your stats please. Thank you for posting! :-) Oh, and also, did your status change on uapply?
  8. Try this link : http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=mcgill And if the person who posted the result reads this, would you care to share your stats? :-)
  9. Hey guys, there's an acceptance for McGill on the results page! Wow, this is stressful! Gah! I thought this process was stressful before, but now I'm really freaking out. Taking. Deep. Breaths. Seriously, congrats to those who have been accepted so far!
  10. Right! :-) I'm really sorry you didn't get in your #1 school... But going to school in another city can be a really wonderful -and exciting- experience. (Speaking from experience
  11. Yay!!! Congrats jenbugg86! Such good news! And very inspiring, thank you, I'll keep my chin up and try again if I don't get in anywhere this year. I wish you much success in your career as an SLP!!!
  12. Congratulations kats!! So happy for you! What do you think made a difference for you? I'm already trying to think about what I could do to make my application more competitive if I don't get in anywhere this year.
  13. I don't know about that. I went to an OT with my daughter for a year when she was in 3rd grade. The OT did all kinds of games and exercises with her to increase her muscle strength in general, but with an emphasis on her neck, shoulders, etc. It greatly helped with her posture when she works at her desk and the way she holds her pencil. That was a pediatric OT clinic. I loved the way they worked, their treatment plans, etc. I even considered applying to an OT program, but it had more basic science prerequisites than I was willing to do.
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