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  1. Hi friends, I've been extremely lucky to be accepted by both programs. UW is my dream program since I seriously considered pursuing a Ph.D. and my focus area is big data. I visited campus and POI last October before apply and I was accepted by the professor. I was very excited and determined to move to Seattle when I was offered admission last week. However, Princeton is very kind to accept me for masters and provided full funding and stipend which means money is out of the consideration. Plus the program is research oriented and I will have a thesis advisor and do good research. So if
  2. which version of pokemon? I got 283 hours on silver soul since the beginning of application season:)
  3. Also, what do you kinds plan to do for the summer? My college ends in early May and UW starts on Sep 30.... which means I have a horrific 5 month summer. I haven't looked for any internship or anything, but 5 months of idleness doesn't sound like a good idea... maybe I can start research early at UW?
  4. My advisor said to me (he is an extremely famous person in the field, undergrad and phd at MIT, was in CMU as a professor for 10+ years before coming to my college) when I was making my list, that Harvard's overall reputation makes it comparable to the top 4 CS programs. I would go for Harvard definitely because you don't just choose a school when you choose a phd program. Cambridge's overall academic atmosphere should make up for the difference in rankings, and, according to the same very magazine that ranked Harvard 17 places behind CMU also ranked Harvard a stunning number TWO globally
  5. Haha well said thissiteispoison... but, don't be too pessimistic. Maybe it won't take six years... UW is literally the only program that I got in (so far, but pretty much), and it's my dream program! So I've been in a very dreamy state lately. I also will definitely be there during the visit days, so looking forward to meeting you guys soon!
  6. Nope.. no news yet. Saw someone posted acceptance already, making me feel extremely anxious.......
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