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  1. I added four more pieces from my music concentration (the trumpet, guitar, headphones, and singing works). Hopefully they can be identified as a more cohesive exploration. I use all spray paint backgrounds for these pieces with music, words, or patterns hidden behind the spray paint. I'd truly appreciate your opinion on them if you think this will be enough as an exploration. As a concentration it got a five in AP Studio Art, but that was a while back. As I understand, most MFA proframs require 10-12 artworks with their application? I'm hoping those seven pieces surrounding music and the focus on musician relationships with instruments will suffice as an exploration? I'm afraid I'm not an undergraduate student in art, but I am still hoping to pursue it as an MFA in spite of my English BA degree... so any insider information is very helpful to me!
  2. Thank you. I actually do have a twelve piece concentration surrounding music, but only three of these pieces are currently posted to my portfolio (the violin, cello, and flute piece.) I hope to add more in the future to this online portfolio, but just haven't quite had the chance yet! Thank you for your comments though, I greatly appreciate them!
  3. No they do not. I met with them in October and asked about their funding. They made it very clear you may receive up to 25% in funding. In your second year they may offer more.
  4. I'd love any feedback/comments on my work as well, link below. Tdevo412- I love the photography of the jello molds, reminds me of the fifties era.
  5. The sad part is U-City can be a great place to live, but without visiting I'd completely mark it off my list. In general I would say U-City can even be quite scenic. As far as other places go, I'm not sure about Maplewood, I don't think I've ever been. Although I have been to Wildwood and Kirkwood and although they are quite far out there, they are both nice. Right now, I think the absolute cheapest housing I've seen is in Florissant, honestly. Housing there is older though in general, plus it's a far drive. But for those interested in buying a house versus apartment, houses are very reasonable there, I will say this, I've lived in Maryland Heights most my life and that borders Bridgeton, St, Anne, and Creve Coeur. Knowing these areas fairly well, I could suggest any of these counties with certainty they'll be safe for those concerned about danger. Oddly to me, St. Louis doesn't feel that dangerous, even in the worse parts... but I think sensibility is always important like not going out to questionable areas after dark and traveling with a friend, etc. I know St. Louis has gotten a bad rap through statistics, but there are far scarier cities in my opinion like Detroit for example.
  6. Congratulations! That's great news!
  7. Really the only part of St. Louis you want to avoid is East St. Louis. St. Louis does have bad spots as any city does throughout, but the one area I'd definitely stay away from is East St. Louis. Directly south of St. Louis is Soulard. The Soulard district is known for its farmer's market. There are also a lot of bars in Soulard, a lot of people around St. Patrick's day go bar-hopping around the area. I personally am no bar-hopper, but I will say Soulard is quite a colorful scene. Soulard also consists of several small art galleries... and really just sort of artsy places in general. I personally would not be afraid to live in Soulard, but from the parts I've been to there's not a whole lot of housing there. Then again, I haven't intensely checked out the housing market there. Currently, I've invested more of my time looking at housing on the West side of St. Louis. I'm going to have to disagree with you on some of the areas you've suggested. Clayton is not affordable at all to students, just going to put that out there now. Housing actually goes into the millions in the Clayton area. As far as Brentwood and Richmond Heights go... I wouldn't say they're that much more affordable than Clayton or Ladue, although maybe slightly. Creve Coeur is even quite high up there, but not as bad as Clayton or Ladue. The reason I suggested areas such as Creve Coeur, Bridgeton, Olivette, and Maryland Heights is because they are probably the nearest, cheapest, and safest areas I can think of. U-City itself is very dicey when it comes to housing, some areas are great, others not so much. U-City is the town with, I believe, the most drastic range of poor to wealthy residents.
  8. Some people I know were contacted by UMass Amherst's financial department before they were contacted about acceptance. It is possible they just are not ready to release complete information. I would say you have most likely been accepted, unofficially anyway. So, congratulations.
  9. Looks like WUSTL has sent out rejections too, brace yourselves.
  10. I was also accepted there with the same funding. Unfortunately, as many others have already noted, New York City is extremely expensive. I probably will not end up going for sheer lack of funding. Even with 25% funding we would still have to pay about $22,000 per year.
  11. Living in St. Louis, I would say the highest number of graduate students lies in the immediate vicinity of Washington University. As for studios versus bigger apartments, it really just depends what you can afford. I've seen a lot of people go in with roommates for an apartment with two bedrooms, making rent cheaper. Some of St. Louis has several not-so-nice areas to live in, so don't choose an apartment that you haven't physically visited, or a five a friend to check it out for you, if possible. Surrounding areas that are generally safe to live in St. Louis but may not have a ton of graduate students includes: Creve Coeur (really expensive), Olivette (slightly cheaper), Maryland Heights (slightly cheaper), and Bridgeton (much cheaper). I personally would be more concerned with where in the city you end up living, because as I said, St. Louis has some dangerous areas.
  12. Did you also get a letter? And congratulations!
  13. Congratulations, Emburst! Be proud, few even get waitlisted!
  14. Thank you! I've heard they are!
  15. Has anyone mentioned being rejected from Brown on the Draft?
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