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  1. Awesome. Good luck!! Just wrapping up my applications now. All rolling admission but Jacksonville has a priority date of January 31st.
  2. I’ve been narrowing my list as well. I got my undergraduate degree in visual arts (concentration in photography) in 2015. Went back for a MAT degree to teach and now I feel ready to apply to MFA programs. My interest is only in low residency interdisciplinary programs. So far I have these programs in mind: Jacksonville University Wilson College MassArt Sierra Nevada College Goddard The Freakout is a bit quiet this year. Maybe it’s still early?
  3. Narrowing down as well. Also working on a few new pieces. The portfolio and the recommendations are actually the only things required at my top school and so I'm nervous that without a statement that my work should be that much stronger.
  4. I wouldn't bother honestly. Replace those with two others. I do agree with asking what they specifically want for a candidate if you want to apply again, though.
  5. I understand. I keep looking at my list and shortening it because the fees are building.
  6. I have a dilemma. So one of the schools I am applying to has a MA as well as MFA in studio art. Should I apply to the MFA and ask to be considered for the MA in the case I don't get in or should I just apply to the MA? Is an MA necessarily easier to get into? This is at my top choice school. The school has informed me that while 9 were accepted this year for the MFA there were 0 for the MA. Thoughts?
  7. Hey guys, Nervousness kicking in yet? Narrowing down my list. So far I have: University of South Carolina Winthrop UNC Greensboro NSULA (low residency MA)
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