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  1. handiya

    Oxford, UK

    Hi All, I am planning to go to Oxford university at BSG for a yearin September 2015. I have certain issues which really bother me. 1. University housing v/s private house:which is better and cheaper?I have a family with two kids who will be attending primary school. 2. Public v/s private school for the kids,as I have researched on net it says that the public schools are free and good , also private schools have already done with the admission process and thus very little chance to be in.Please let me know the good public schools in the area. Any one with the experience of the area to please help me with the queries. Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Hi All, Congrats to all who got in. I also have been accepted and have to decide whether or not to accept the offer. I have been accepted by Duke,LSE, John Hopkins university(MPH),Oxford and NYU as well. What is your opinion on the BSG Oxford school and how does it rate amongst the best schools? Any suggestions please! Thanks
  3. This calms the nerves. Thanks ruraljuror2015
  4. No where they state that. They just mention that only a few will be interviewed depending upon the requirements and the need if felt via Skype or phone. Even I have not been interviewed and it's my top choice school. Any one else who can confirm and comment on the issue.
  5. Because I think we are the only people still waiting and the thread has also been very passive as the decision has been made already.At least we should know that we are not accepted
  6. Hi Donald_duck, Any updates please.I think we shall call them and get the status. I mailed them on Friday morning and I still have to receive the reply.I fully understand that the admission committee is busiest this time of the year and might take time to respond to the mail. Did you happen to call them by any chance.
  7. Hi wozezeka, Did you get the mail today please?
  8. I got my acceptance today. But no mention of funding.Can anyone help me with the process of financial aid followed by the school? How generous are they with the funding and has any one been notified of the funding decision?
  9. Hi Go to school, Are we talking about the YES mail here or you didn't get the mail and were officially notified directly after 45minutes of the rest?
  10. I guess all left are either wait listed or not accepted including me..... Thanks Donald_duck for the information
  11. Thanks. I think I shall start planning for the next year from now on. I have been accepted in Duke, LSE, NYU and Chicago. But feel it's not like the GSPP, Woo,orKennedy.. so I am already planning on giving it a more try next year and then see where do I fit in.
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