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  1. @Willwang I have lol. Got the rejection email this morning. Sucks, but I hope things went well for you
  2. @Grad-school-freakout123 If I had to guess, I'd say they wanted people with a few years' work experience. That was most definitely the weak area of the application for me.
  3. Same here. Not really sure what I'm going to do now.
  4. Interesting development... Maybe this person somehow found out at their interview?
  5. @marynextdoor So you got an interview too? Congrats! Are you an international student?
  6. @Willwang Thanks for the info! Much appreciated
  7. @Willwang Awesome! Hope it went well! What kinds of questions were you asked? I'd love to hear as many details as you can give us!
  8. @bobilu87 I looked around and I can't find any information about % of candidates on the waitlist. It can't be that many considering that they admit more students than the program would fit, with the anticipation that a lot of accepted students will not attend.
  9. Pretty sure in these cases, these are automatic rejections based on failing to meet the stated, required minimum scores on the TOEFL. If someone applies without meeting the minimum TOEFL, they will get rejected without having their application go through the standard review process (where 2 ad com members read it, etc).
  10. @sqa I feel for you! You must be having a mini heart attack every time you get an email XD
  11. @bobilu87 I thought the MHCID results would be out this week or next week, but given the new information about interviews we've just got, I think it will probably be later. Kinda got my hopes up because the email notifying us of the Visitor's days said "mid to late March" and last year the MHCID results came out on the 14th. HCDE results, however, should come out on the 15th or before, according to the HCDE website (they specifically say they'll notify you by the 15th).
  12. @123abc @Grad-school-freakout123 I think the interviewing process is a new way of helping to determine a personality fit for the program. With this kind of program that is so heavily focused on group work, I think culture/personality fit is really important. The new director, Michael Smith, comes from a design background and (I think) would make it a really high priority to find students who fit into the culture that he's trying to foster within the program. Considering that last year, 81 students were admitted to the program (https://grad.uw.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/admissions16.pdf), I think we would know much more about the interviewing thing by now if 80+ applicants were being interviewed. Instead, I suspect that the interviews are only for a few students: people who are good applicants on paper, but for whom the question of culture fit isn't fully answered in their SOP and other materials. I spent a lot of time in my SOP focusing on how my interest in the MHCID program is reflected in my beliefs and values, so it would make sense if the ad com felt they had enough information there to make a decision on me one way or the other (with respect to culture fit). But I can easily see how someone's SOP might not be clear on something like that. In short, I don't think we should see a lack of an interview as a definite rejection.
  13. Also, sidenote, the addition of interviews may mean that our estimates of when we'll hear back are quite wrong. Last year there was no interview process that I'm aware of, so it's quite likely we won't hear back next week. I mean it might move really quickly...some more info on what days interviews were scheduled for would help a ton, but I'm thinking it might be much closer to April than we thought. The only sure thing is that it has to be before the admitted student Visitor's Days on April 3-4.
  14. @Willwang Thanks for sharing this info! How do you know they're interviewing 29-30 students, if you don't mind my asking? Last year they admitted around 80 students (with 29 choosing to attend) so I'd be very surprised if they were requiring interviews for all candidates. I also haven't received an invitation to interview.
  15. @hpfanfreak Awesome! It would be pretty cool if some of us ended up in the same programs once all is said and done XD Sadly I don't know much about the Maryland HCIM program...I just had a look at their website and it seems pretty cool! I'd say the quality of the student work there is not quite as good as the UW MHCID program (you can see examples from both on their respective websites). But the projects the Maryland students complete seem fairly similar, so both programs should prepare you for work in UX Research and Design.
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