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  1. Mfrancais -- As admin of the spreadsheet I can look at the "Revision history" and see the order that changes were made (although i can't see who made them unless they were logged into a google account.) In this case, I can't see who made any of the changes, but I can tell you this order of things: It looks like you created the "manon" name yesterday. Then, later the same day, someone created another name called "smanon" directly below yours and imput the info about being accepted. At the same time they change the colors (presumably by mistake), so that your entry is highlighted in
  2. That is the same article that I posted a link to yesterday! I actually think this other link is better because it's the only article on the page: http://newsletter.fu...0D93354358.html Anyway, I did not find it to be so clear. This is the line that really confused me: "Individual country decisions and FSB approval are sent to IIE separately so final selections can be received anytime between the beginning of March to the end of May. " It sounds like Individual countries send their decisions to IIE. And then, seperately, the FSB sends its decisions to IIE. But isn't the FSB appr
  3. jtb is referring to Sweden's situation: "I emailed Rachel and she informed me they're still waiting for FSB approval, which should come in the next 2 weeks. Once that happens, letters will be issued immediately." According to the board's web site, it only physically meets "quarterly". One of the meeting appears to usually be in March. Maybe that meeting hasn't happened yet. According to this description (from 2005) it appears that the FSB decisions are completely separate from the foreign committee's. http://newsletter.fulbrightonline.org/older_newsletters/www.imakenews.com
  4. Hmm i wrote a post; then I wanted to delete it b/c I realized I misread something. Is there no way to delete a post?!
  5. I believe that, like most federal boards, their job is to rubber stamp things I think once you get chosen by the foreign Fulbright Committee you're as good as in, it's just a matter of waiting until the next meeting of this board in order to get final approval. Of course there is no way to know what the foreign Fulbright Committee decides, anyway, so this is all kind of mute!
  6. Sidewalkchalk, Let me Google that for you... http://fulbright.state.gov/root/resources-for/fsb The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board was established by Congress for the purpose of supervising the Fulbright Program and certain programs authorized by the Fulbright-Hays Act and for the purpose of selecting students, scholars, teachers, trainees, and other persons to participate in the educational exchange programs. Appointed by the President of the United States, the 12-member Board meets quarterly in Washington, D.C. The Board establishes worldwide policies and procedu
  7. GauxGaux, did you apply to the Spanish auxilary program as well? http://www.educacion.es/exterior/usa/en/programs/us_assistants/default.shtml My boyfriend applied to that program, and is hoping to get placed in Madrid, which is where I would be with the Fulbright.
  8. hmm, maybe "April 1" is the just the date that the Spanish Commision expects to decide by. It was unclear on the Web site. That is a bummer.
  9. I got the Spain information from the Spanish Fulbright Commission's Web site: Fulbright.es I have no idea why ETAs would get a higher stipend. It could be a special situation in Spain. The country has its own ETA program run by the Spanish government: http://www.educacion...s/default.shtml I think the Fulbright ETAs for Spain take part in the same program. So, it could be that the Spanish Fulbright ETAs receive part of the stipend through Fulbright, and part through the government program... which would allow them to be paid more. That is my guess, anyway. Non-Fulbright ETAs (known
  10. True. Although, isn't cost of living a bit less in Spain than in Germany? The stipend for full grant recipients in Spain is 1345 euros per month. For ETA's its 1541.
  11. Wow!!!!!!! Has anyone asked about Spain?! Similar to France, the Spanish commission says on its Web site that it expected decisions to be made "by" April 1st. But everyone else has been hearing so early, that maybe... just maybe all of Europe is ahead of schedule? I can only hope! Someone should just e-mail/call Rachel Hoskins asking for all the updates she has about Europe and then we could just post them here --- Edit: Antonio, I just saw your update on the spreadsheet. It said: "Spoke to Rachel, Andorra's funding is tied to Spain's funding so we wont hear anything until Sp
  12. Hilarious? It was supposed to be serious and intimidating!! (Probably because I forgot to say "OR ELSE!!!") Anyway, another curious things about Macs and the spreadsheet is that the colors look totally different (and more subdued) on Mac. So it could be Mac users who keep choosing the flourescent colors, becuase they look a lot less bright on their screens... I learned these things because I have a Mac at home, but a PC at work.. and I check the spreadsheet like at least 6 times a day ... !
  13. Guys, could you stop messing with the color and the formatting on the spreadsheet?! I've been trying to keep it consistent and other people keep changing what I do! If you do change things.. these are my requests: 1. Don't use fluorescent colors unless you're highlighting something that needs special attention. It's blinding and unnecessary. 2. Don't make the word "rejected" fire engine red, and "accepted" bright green. Can't we be more subtle? Have some compassion! 3. Don't make the columns wider. I'm talking to you Mac users. I know it shows up much differently when you're usi
  14. I did feel like my regional program manager was kind of short with me when I was asking her questions before I submitted my application. She just kept referring me to published information, and was not really very helpful. I think these people are probably overwhelmed and annoyed with the barage of redudant questions they are getting. If someone snapped at you, I doubt its anything personal. Even if it is, I'm pretty sure these program managers don't have any say in who does and doesn't get a grant. Plus, at worst, you're on the same playing field as scores of other people who have asked
  15. To totally change the topic... Does anyone know who would qualify as a "dependent" for Fulbright purposes? Does dependent mean like on your taxes, where the person depends on you for their income? Or does it mean any family member who is accompanying you? Would a spouse count as a dependent? What if he/she has their own (limited) source of income? My live-in boyfriend is planning to come to Spain with me if I get the grant. Right now I'm guessing he wouldn't qualify as a dependent, since we're not married. Although, we plan to get married eventually, anyway, so I was wondering whether
  16. bestprtofbelieve - you should check out the spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Avu5CeaRG24EdGFXVzh4aUt2ZTFUbTZPdzZiSGRoWUE&hl=en no, it's not the same as finalist notification. most people have been hearing by snail mail. also, on the spreasheet you will see there are tons of others applying to western europe, although nobody else to Ireland yet. you should add your stats and be the first! There is one UK person on the spreadsheet; I think would be going to Wales.
  17. Hey anon914, I am totally bummed that you didn't get the Czech Repubic grant! I was rooting for you! But I'm at least glad that the Czechs got back to you in a timely manner. It was nice talking to you on the Google spreadsheet chat!
  18. maybe it depends on what date you put down for how long your "current address" will be good for? I definitely remember having to provide a date for that.
  19. Based on reading last year's forum thread, it seems like it's pretty rare to get off the "alternate" list. Dozens of people said they were named alternates, but only a couple reported back to say they'd made it through. If I had to guess, it seems like maybe 1 in 10, or less, of a chance. I would probably assume that you're not going to get it at this point. And, if you do, it'll just be a happy, happy surprise. Any alternates who do manage to get a grant, make sure to note that on the spreadsheet! That way we'll have some statistics for next year's group (and for our own curiosity).
  20. Hey everyone, don't forget to update the spreadsheet when you get your Fulbright final results! https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=taWW8xiKve1Tm6Ow6bHdhYA&hl=en
  21. Last year, hardly anyone got e-mails. It was just snail mail. Although for some the letter came from abroad, others it came from IIE. I think it might depend on whether the country you applied to has its own Fulbright Comission or not.
  22. Great find! Turns out there's information on all of the 2010 orientations! http://fulbright.state.gov/orientation/
  23. HEY! Who deleted the spreadsheet? I hope it was an accident, otherwise that was pretty mean! Anyway... no big deal. I saved a copy of it on my hardrive yesterday... it's on my other laptop, though. I will fix it when I have the chance! But, whoever you are, don't delete it this time! You would just be creating more work for me! Edit: Nevermind, delete it all you want! I just realized that Google spreadsheets logs the past versions of the spreadsheet every time a different person makes a change. So I can just hit "revert" and it goes back to the way it was before.. Google thinks of eve
  24. ooo gracias! It says they will "select" fellows by April 1. Hopefully it means they will notify us at the same time!
  25. ooo gracias! But what does this mean? "Fecha prevista apertura próxima convocatoria:mayo de 2010" Does it mean they will select by April 1 but won't tell us until May?!
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