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  1. Oh, how I envy you! Don't forget to add your stats to this spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=taWW8xiKve1Tm6Ow6bHdhYA&hl=en# We're tracking when everyone receives their notifications! That goes for everyone else, too! Update the spreadsheet when you get a result!
  2. Why not ask him? It doesn't make sense to me why he would ask you to do this. Who does he mean by "anyone"? Why would anyone really care? Also, what if your mom tells her hairdresser? Is that OK? Really absurd request; if you ask him about his rationale I am really curious!
  3. I think we should all assume that we're *not* going to get the award. So, if you get a job offer that you would take if you knew you weren't getting the fulbright -- TAKE IT! The worst that could happen is you find you you DID get the fulbright and you have to leave your new job after only a few months. I think your employer will understand the sitatuation... and, if not, then too bad haha. There are other people you can work for when you get back who will value your Fublright experience and understand why you left the other job. You can't put your life on hold because you're waiting t
  4. "Messed with" means he counted all the names. What's wrong with that? Not like he e-mailed everyone, or sold the addresses to an advertising agency... If I were a Germany finalist, I would have counted the names too! Wouldn't you? Also, I would mind slightly that my e-mail address was being shared with hundreds of people.. but if someone else mistakenly got my name among a list, I wouldn't mind if they counted it! I'm confused about what you're implying here... ?
  5. I can't wait to make a bunch of cool charts based on the data! It's going to be awesome! haha
  6. Guys, chill out! You'll hear when you hear! I would just assume it'll be late April/early May. If you hear earlier than that, then yay!
  7. To weigh in on the language issue, I'm a finalist for Spain. At the time of my application, my only experience with the language was three years rusty of high school Spanish. (It's been eight years since then). And a little bit of self study that mostly consisted of listening to audio CDs in my car. I was (and am) by no means fluent. On my application I said I planned to continue my self study in order to improve my Spanish before the fall. Well, I tried that for awhile, but realized that I needed more structure to really learn. So, I ended up enrolling in a formal class at a local commu
  8. Not sure! One a somewhat related note, I just had an email exchange with a 2009 grantee for Spain (which is the country I'm a finalist for). She said she didn't find out her result until late April!! She said she got her notification by mail. So, to other Spain applicants, expect a long wait ahead of you
  9. It says Europe and Eurasia was July 22-24: http://fulbright.sta...tation-schedule Although, this information is kind of useless because they could do it in a totally different order this year!
  10. This poster asked this question a year ago, so surely he's made up his mind by now! I'd love to know what he chose. Personally, I'd have taken the Fublright, as long as I was assured I'd have a good shot at starting the PhD upon my return.
  11. Here we go: http://tiny.cc/fulbrightdates We just have to remind people to fill it out! Anyone can edit that file; so hopefully no mean person decides to go in and delete everything... I will make copies of it periodically and save it to my desktop to safeguard against that!
  12. We should start a Google spreadsheet where we list out all the countries and people can say when they got their notification. That way at least next year's applicants can have a reference! Update: Actually, I just came across this thread about 2009-10 fulbright awards. Lots of people posted there when they got their final notifications. It seems like the vast majority were in April or May. The earliest seemed to be toward the end of March. You can read all 58 pages of the discussion for yourself here!
  13. Aha, I just looked at the country summary page again and saw what you're talking about. I'm applying for the "international mba full grant" and never saw anything that said I needed a Spanish translation. So, it seems like it wasn't required for me! I'm glad, since I either would have had to turn in a paper with a bunch of grammatical mistakes or hire someone to edit it for me! I'll definitely let you know what happens. You can e-mail me if you want: sallyatiemadrid@gmail.com That's an e-mail I made specifically for posting on message boards!
  14. I wouldn't worry until Monday or Tuesday. They said they will send out notifications by the 31st. Since its a Sunday, maybe give them one extra day.. Although, you should know if they have the right e-mail. You should have got a confirmation e-mail when you initially submitted your application.
  15. Really? I applied to Spain and did not have to provide a translation.
  16. I am a finalist for Spain!!!! Just got my e-mail at 6:30 EST (about 4 and a half hours ago) on Friday. Sooooo excited! Espana2010, what city will you be in if you get the award? I'll be in Madrid. (Mine is a full grant for studying at a particular college in the city.)
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