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  1. 7 replies and nobody has bothered to ask for the relevant data in this situation? Pictures, man. We need to see pictures of this girl before we advise on the correct course of action.
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    Oh good, I won't be the only creepy old guy in grad school... 38
  3. I think you might have it backwards, lack of internet availability is likely what drove stuffy, boring acknowledgements. Why write something creative and personal if nobody is going to be able to read it easily? Just stick with the formula, turn the handle on the meat grinder, and let that sausage collect dust on your advisor's shelf for years. Now that it takes just a second for my girlfriend, drinking buddies, and future employers to find my thesis, I better have something that shows some degree of creativity before I bore them to tears for the next several chapters... ATTENTION EMPL
  4. It was about 15 months from starting a new job to informing my boss I'd probably maybe likely be quitting soon to pursue grad school full time in the next 3 months or so. Still waiting on a formal acceptance before I turn in a letter of resignation. I've been open and honest about the process all along. Turns out my boss was a PhD student at one point and left to pursue a real job when his advisor died( ). He's actually been quite a good source of information.
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