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  1. Has anyone here applied to more than one program in the same school? I was hoping to apply a Ph.D program and a M.A. program for backup in the same college. GOOD or BAD idea??
  2. Does anyone have studying tips for the GRE? Verbal is like the hardest part! HELP!
  3. Freak Outs? DONE and Semi Managed?!

  4. I want to apply for the clinical psych Ph.D. program. The deadline is this December 1st and I'm really excited and nervous about everything! but just for a FYI... How do you approach the professors for a strong recommendation letter? How do you know if they like you or not? Who should you ask for recommendation letters? How long do you have to know your professor? How long before applications? Did anyone else feel like this and what else did you stress about? What did you do??
  5. I'm so glad I found thegradcafe!

    1. Threeboysmom


      It's a wonderful site of people who can understand the ups and downs of grad school.

    2. docjourney


      I agree! ... and it's really nice that everyone is sharing their experience and knowledge on here too!

  6. OMG Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that freaks out like this! I'm always so worried about whether I said the right thing OR did the right thing. After EVERY meeting, I just can't stop thinking about how it went and if it went well. OMG Thank you!
  7. I can't stop thinking about grad school. Applications. Recommendation letters. GREs. Applications. Did this professor like my proposal? Did I say the right thing? Will this professor write me a strong recommendation letter? OMG. Do I have any deadlines I'm missing? Who do I have a meeting with next? Wait, what's today's date? I think I'm a total mess! TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!
  8. I'm having the biggest problem not obsessing over how important grad school is and trying to be myself.
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