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  1. Madhini

    New York, NY

    @juilettemercredi thank you very much! And I apologize for sounding vague. I will not be receiving any stipend. As of now I rely on my parents resources.
  2. Looking for an inexpensive, safe place to stay in NYC.

  3. Madhini

    New York, NY

    Hi, I am an international student coming in to NYC in August to start school at Hunter College, CUNY. My classes end pretty late around 10.00 pm and I am hoping to find affordable housing somewhere close to school and roommates as well. Would be glad to have any information. TIA
  4. Madhini


    Hi I am from India,going to Hunter college this fall for the MFA studio art program. I'm looking for housing and roommates! WouLD be great to find a place somewhere closeby as classes end pretty late
  5. Anyone applying for the artist institute seminar on Fia Backstorm?
  6. Hi, any international students accepted and going to hunter this fall? Have you received your Sevis-i20 form yet?
  7. Thank you TEM33056. I called them. They connected me to the grad admissions. Apparently internationals get an applicant ID number which we use instead. Thank you
  8. Has anyone successfully created their CUNY first account yet? It asks for the last four digits of Social Security Number (marked with an asterisk, therefore has to be compulsorily filled in )which internationals like myself don't have...
  9. Thank you milkyforester. I STILL havent received the letter :/ going to email them about it.
  10. You are welcome TEM33056. Can anyone who received the acceptance by snail mail pls tell me what is the deadline mentioned for the payment of the commitment deposit?
  11. http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/art/current-students/incoming-recently-accepted-students
  12. I am accepted for the fall semester. Don't freak out TEM33056 I am sure they will send it to you since you received your acceptance.
  13. Yes I am. Guess that's why Did everyone else receive the e-mail from them about the page they have set up of us on their website and asking us to sign up for their weekly newsletter too?
  14. I had the same Skype interview a couple days before the in-person ones too but haven't received the letter yet!
  15. I haven't received mine either milkyforester. hope it isn't lost!
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