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  1. Lol OK so mine lists the budget and my need, not the award, but at least the ball is rolling. Check back on the site later for the final awards packet
  2. Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the financial aid info is now available in CUNYfirst
  3. Thanks! They removed the hold on mine as well, so I am hoping that the link not being available is due to my stuff being processed.
  4. I tried doing the meningitis thing on CUNY first but it isn't showing up the way the instructions say. I called and emailed my old school yesterday and asked them to fax it. How did you find out that they were processed?
  5. Hi, Has anyone here sent in the immunization materials or the meningitis acknowledgement form?
  6. I am reading "are prisons obsolete" by Angela Davis "discipline and punish" by Michel Foucault "how to see a work of art in total darkness" by Darby English "habeas viscus" by Alexander weheliye I plan on watching an online course on literary theory and brushing up on some art theory texts during the summer
  7. MLK, I am curious whether you feel the same way about Studio Visit magazine or New American Painting
  8. Yes, I did accept their offer for admission. It must be weird for people that are juggling multiple offers be cause they seem to wait really late to let you know about your funding or financial aid package. Yes, it was a scholarship from the Scholarship & welfare fund. It's funded by Alumni. I will be attending in the fall.
  9. Hey everyone. I know it's late but I wanted to post this because there has been a lot of talk here about Hunter not giving any $. Yesterday I received a scholarship that is two years full ride at in state tuition rates. They also offer supplemental funding outside of financial aid. Not about me boasting I just want to spread the word...when it comes to hunter never offering $ ... Don't believe the hype!
  10. I finally got my snail mail rejection letter from VCU today, very late in application season.
  11. Madhini I just created my CUNY first account. Here is some information posted inside that may help. Students: If you experience any problems with claiming or accessing your CUNYfirst accounts or with using specific pages and menu items, please contact the Student Help Desk at 212-650-3624 or studenthelpdesk@hunter.cuny.edu.
  12. Oh my goodness when did you guys get it? (mad dash to the e-mail box)
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