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  1. For people interested in synthetic biology, I updated the list that I mentioned above. Because http://syntheticbiology.org/Labs.html list was somewhat outdated, I made a new list. I probably did not include every synthetic biologists. Leave me a message if you think I missed anyone. I will add them in. The number inside the parenthesis is the Google Scholar h-index for your information. Boston University Densmore Lab (18) Khalil Lab (13) Wong Lab (9) Caltech Arnold Lab (101) Cornell John March (n/a) Georgia Tech Gaucher Lab (24) Harvard Silver Lab (90) Church Lab (118) MIT Lu Lab (n/a) Prather Lab (n/a) Voigt Lab (n/a) Weiss Lab (n/a) Collins Lab (97) Northwestern University Jewett Lab (22) Tyo Lab (18) Penn State Salis Lab (14) Princeton Jose L. Avalos (n/a) Rice University Tabor Lab (11) Stanford University Endy Lab (n/a) Smolke Lab (n/a) UC Berkeley Anderson Lab (n/a) Dueber Lab (15) Keasling Lab (78) Adam Arkin (69) UC Irvine Liu Lab (n/a) UC Los Angeles James Liao (70) Yvonne Chen (n/a) UC San Francisco Lim Lab (n/a) UI Urbana Champaign Huimin Zhao (41) Virginia Tech Peccoud's Lab (21) Washington University is St. Louis Tae Seok Moon (n/a) Fuzhonng Zhang (n/a) Yinjie Tang (n/a) Yale University Isaacs Lab (n/a)
  2. Congrats!! I applied to the molecular microbiology and microbial pathogensis program at WUSTL; I hope I hear good news soon too
  3. I did not expect so many people to apply to WUSTL DBBS. @biscy @biosci what was your first choice/option within the DBBS?
  4. @Microburritology Hi, well first of all congrats!! My first choice was molecular microbiology and microbial pathogenesis; my second choice was plant and microbial biosciences.
  5. My first choice is molecular microbiology and microbial pathogenesis
  6. @keviv1692 Which program under the WUSTL DBBS did you apply to ??
  7. I think you can always ask whether you can do a Skype interview instead. But if I were you, I will definitely go to the States for interviews. You will be spending 5-6 years of your life in a grad school, so I would invest the time and money to choose the "right" school.
  8. Good to see other people interested in SynBio. Here is a somewhat outdated list of synthetic biologists in the US: http://syntheticbiology.org/Labs.html I think only Rice has a graduate program that specifically mentions synthetic biology in the program name For other schools, professors working on synthetic biology are in bioengineering, biomedical science, chemical engineering departments. Usually, synbio professors represent multiple departments. As FLAGtagSwag has mentioned, if you are interested definitely think about applying to UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. I think Boston University has good reputation in synthetic biology (but James Collins left BU to MIT, so this might change)
  9. I e-mailed some POIs 2-3 weeks before the deadline. I got replies from most of them. I think it is more about the content of the e-mail that matters. If you manage to convince your POIs that you are a good match to their labs, I don't think they mind when you send the e-mails.
  10. Undergrad Institution: Top-ranked university in Asia Major(s): Biomedical Sciences Minor(s): Bioegineering Overall GPA: 3.959/4.3 (3.87/4.0)Position in Class: Top 1%Type of Student: MaleGRE Scores (revised/old version): revisedQ: 168 (95%)V: 164 (94%)W: 4.0 B: 680 (95%)Research Experience: International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition Team in 2013 and 2014. Computational Biology Lab - 1 semester Microbial Ecology - 1 Semester Cancer Immunotherapy - 2 Months Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Full-tuition scholarship for 3 years; Academic achievement award; iGEM 2013 Asian Jamboree: Regional Winner Award Applying to Where: - Rice University - SSPB - Washington University in St. Louis - DBBS - UCSF - BMS - UCB/UCSF - Bioengineering - MIT - Biological Engineering - MIT - Microbiology - Harvard University - BBS - UCLA - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - I have been lurking around the forum for too long. I think it's time to contribute. I am interested in synthetic biology and so I am applying to bioengineering and biomedical science programs with professors specifically working on synthetic biology projects. I have applied to most of the schools already. I hope I hear back good news soon!
  11. I have some study materials in my blog. Feel free to use them. Visit: http://jdlep.blogspot.de/search/label/STUDY I hope they help.
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