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  1. I haven't heard back yet. It seems that by this time last year they already had sent some emails. They might be taking a bit longer this year. Visit day seems to be on Feb. 24th, so I am guessing they will start sending emails way before that date. Good luck!
  2. Hi, You might want to look up the International Sustainable Development M.A. in The Heller School - Brandeis University.
  3. Great post! I can totally relate to your process having go through a similar application situation. It takes time to get in the mindset of being an accepted student and being tranquil with the decision of attending the program one applied to. I am glad that you decided to share your experience with the rest of us.
  4. Hi! I am starting at UCSC in the fall as well.
  5. Hi, I am curious if you were able to enter the US with your old visa, and your new I-20 from your new school. I have received conflicting information about it, saying that in order to leave the country and return to the US, I should apply for a new F-1 visa with the name of the new school in it. I would appreciate any information in this respect. Thanks, Daniel
  6. I would suggest you look up people at the Qualitative research focus at the Inquiry Methodology PhD program at U. Indiana Bloomington. I send attached the link. My advisor went there and I know that she was interested in Critical Theory. Professor Carspecken from IU is also a force in Critical epistemologies in qualitative research. http://education.indiana.edu/graduate/programs/inquiry-methodology/
  7. Hi Elaecarioca, I would suggest you look up the PhD in LALS at UC Santa Cruz. One of its concentrations is in social movements, there are a couple of professors that study social movements in South America, and the director of the program is a Chilean professor that does research about neoliberalism in post-transition Chile with a post-structuralist approach. If I can help feel free to PM me, I can contact you with people from that department. I have also heard good things about the Ethnic studies PhD programs at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and the LAS MA program at Vanderbilt University.
  8. Unfortunately not all departments at UC's cover the non-tuition fee for three years that are needed to advance to candidacy in social sciences programs. I would be interested in finding resources for international students in California that would help cover this fee.
  9. At the University of California system there is a $15,000 fee, or $5,000 fee required as a non-resident tuition. Though most programs offer fellowships that cover this fee for the first year, it is harder to get the graduate division to cover the fee for the second or third year, since they assume students will be becoming California residents from their second year on, and then there would be no need to pay for the fee. Catch is that international students cannot become California residents ever, and we need to pay for that fee until we advance to candidacy. So, maybe it's not that bad to have a $2,500-5,000 fee instead.
  10. Hi, I am from Arequipa, Peru. I have a Bachelors and a Professional degree in Psychology from a Peruvian university, and a M.Ed. in Psychology from an American university. I am applying to Latin American studies interdisciplinary programs and thinking about Social Psychology programs.
  11. Thank you so much for all the answers. I really appreciate your help. I think that I will be asking about this to the International Student Office. I think there might be a way to re-enter with my old visa and my new SEVIS, but I would not risk it. I asked my department about the possibility of summer courses, but it seems that none are offered. I will ask about the possibility of changing the date, since I already know that it is really competitive to get housing on the city next to the school. Again, I appreciate all of your answers!
  12. Hi all, I am an international student currently studying on a doctoral program in the northeast with a F-1 visa. I have been accepted to another doctoral program in the west. I want to know if any of you has transferred doctoral programs as international students, and how the visa process looked like for you. I know that my SEVIS needs to be transferred from one university to the other one. I was also told that if I leave the country I need to apply for another visa to get back to the US, which would mean to pay for another SEVIS. Though this maybe an annoyance, my main issue with doing this lies elsewhere. I need to present at a conference in early August, and my new doctoral program starts in late September. If I leave the country, and I apply and get a new F-1 visa, I won't be able to return to the US until one month before the start of my program, meaning late August, which would in turn make me miss the conference. Is there any way to keep my current visa, go back to my country, and return to the US without any issues? If not, is there anyway to get back to the US with my new F-1 visa, earlier than one month before the beginning of my program in late September, so I can present at the conference I mentioned?
  13. dan_aqp


    I am a Peruvian international student applying to the LALS PhD program at UCSC. I know that UCSC does not match students with professors until well after getting accepted, and even though I have contacted a professor who has replied back, I wonder if I need to ask her to be my POI, or what other steps I need to do to establish a good connection within the program. Has anyone had experience with applying to the LALS program at UCSC? I know it is a fairly new program, and I wonder about what would help to get in. Thanks!
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