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  1. Thank you!! I appreciate your help and information a lot!! I will definitely talk to my PI and also the adcomms for suggestions to improve my resume for the next round!
  2. Thank you! I will definitely talk to my PI first!
  3. That is exactly what I am concerned about....
  4. It is very low on my ranking. The reason why I ranked it that low was because: research interest, overall ranking, job opportunities and interview experience.
  5. Sorry if I wasn't being too clear on my expectations.
  6. What do you mean? Consider yourself in my situation, if the school you got accepted into is the school you applied because you knew you were gonna get accepted and maybe only one or two PIs match your research interest; however, you hoped to go to a school with more job opportunities and more collaboration in research, would you go to this school just because you want to settle down/you don't know what the situation would be next year/any other reasons?
  7. I think what I meant by "deserve" is that the experience that I have had and all the effort that I have put into these four years should get me into a better school and I don't know if I should just settle down when I could've gone to a better program with more opportunities for jobs and research.
  8. I think you might be right. I was kind of upset that they admitted me first and I was gonna go to a PhD program no matter what. At least that was the plan.
  9. Thank you!! I am still waiting!!! I am probably on the waitlist since it is a small program and there is no way that they haven't made a decision...
  10. Why do you think people rank schools then if the only thing that matters is research interest.
  11. I got accepted into my safe school, which is ranked lower than any other schools that I applied. I was planning on going straight to PhD from undergrad and I felt like I deserved better schools than just my safe school. Although I don't feel like going to my safe school, I am an international student and the only option left for me is to work for two years max in the US before I reapply. Right now I am still waiting to hear back from schools and it would probably be a little too late to apply for jobs in mid April. I don't know what the situation would be two years later and so I debating whet
  12. So they have sent out the exact number that they want for their program? I am confused about how this works...
  13. Do you know if UNC-CH has sent out all the offers? Thanks!!!!
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