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  1. Hi there - nice to know I'm not alone out here. Fingers crossed for both of us. I just checked my online application status - everything has finally been received (had one transcript hanging out there) by the institute so now I'm waiting "pending file review" whenever that is. Eventually my heart will beat a normal rhythm. :-)
  2. It's for a master's program. I already have one in another field, but am switching to a related field and then to continue on with the Ph.D. The medieval program has both spring and fall admissions, though only the fall is eligible for funding (I'm self funded). The need for the second master's is to cover a language deficiency I have that the Ph.D program requires.
  3. Hi everyone, I know this may be an odd question, but I just applied for spring admission and was wondering if there was anyone else out there waiting to hear? I know how insane the first part of the year is with everyone waiting to hear. I was part of that group - unfortunately calling a potential committee member on something was basic suicide for that application. So I've started anew, but with the focus on spring admissions. I checked the results page for the university I've applied to but didn't see any entries outside of the normal (Feb/Mar) entries. So either I'm a complete oddball for applying now or a genius. I'm leaning strongly toward oddball. :-) Just wanted to wave to anyone else in the next wait phase.
  4. UPDATE: It was explained to my husband that with budget cuts and the loss of two faculty members and an impending retirement (in two years), they were only taking a few students. His work is primarily in Europe so that put him out in a department that focuses on the mid-west. It would have been nice to have this information last August - that being a europeanist was going to hurt his chances so much.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm sorry I didn't make it clear that a Ph.D is what he's going for - just thought with the change of direction he would need to start at the Master's level. In reply to your suggestion on the other thread - you are absolutely right. He's not going in balls to the wall. Far from it. he's hoping to get a LOR from this professor. Fingers crossed...
  6. This was my idea not his... I asked because he's looking at changing his focus and not applying to archaeology programs - let's call it serious burnout. He's not some 20-something with years to keep applying. So with respect forgive my response... I'm sorry I asked. Edited to add: I should have made myself clearer - he's not looking to just get another masters. He's looking to get a Ph.D in History but we both figured he would need to start at the master's level then move into the Ph.D.
  7. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to put this or if anyone can help. I know so many of you are still waiting - our wait is over unfortunately, though not in a good way (see 'It doesn't makes sense' thread). We're still waiting for spring break to get over to find out what happened, but over the weekend my husband (Morgan) and I have done a lotof thinking. Basically what to do and where to go from here. I asked if he would consider getting a second masters and if he did what would he want to study. That got him thinking... He has an MS in Anthropology (Archaeology), but during his UG and G studies took several classes in history, historiography, celtic world and european history (not enough for a minor though). Anyhow his archaeology focus has always been on Ritual/Religious behavior, Gender and Status. He has been looking at his work through a mortuary context but is now thinking of looking at his dead people from a mytholiterary stand point - using the history or literature department as a source. The challenge we're running into is how to alter his SOP so that it can be incorporated into the history department and not just anthro. He's looking at Western Michigan (along with 3 others in Michigan - not U of M...just the smaller schools). All of them have rolling admissions (a couple have deadlines of this July/August for fall 2010) so he wouldn't have to wait an entire year. I know this is a lot to ask, but would any of you have any suggestions on how best to approach this? Wester Mich has a multi-discipline approach to their history department (including archaeology) which is why it interested him so much. All of you have so much of your own stuff going on, but I would appreciate any help you can offer. I have all of you still waiting in my thoughts - sending out the best energy I can so you get your dreams schools or the best place for you.
  8. He is going to demand answers - The biggest problem with the idea of politics is that his potential advisor was on the admin committe...actually she was the chair. The one thing that sticks out is that his focus isn't the US - he's a european archaeologist. I wonder if that got in the way...
  9. Not yet. They started spring break so no one in the office yet. Have sent an email, but don't expect to hear anything until after next week.
  10. First of all I have to ask... what the in hell (forgive my language) is up with admin committees??? Here's the story... Last summer my husband contacted a professor he was interested in working with. This professor expressed extreme interest. So much so that she asked him to relocate and attend the university as a non-degree seeking student so the department could get to know him and him them. Okay we did this - moved our entire family across several states, found a house we loved and he started classes. The class went great and he formed good relationships - keeping in contact with his potential advisor and committe members. Application went in - normal stress (all of you understand it) of the waiting game. He was told by several professors that there was nothing to worry about, he was taking a back door way into the department. There was no reason for him to worry or for him not to be admitted. Well - today all of that was for nothing... all the reassurances from the faculty, the excellent LORs, the existing master's (this is a combination program so he would only need the Ph.D portion), the existing publications and conference presentations, the year's research already completed - all of it and none of it mattered when the rejection letter came in the mail. We both knew there were no guarantees - but why would you ask someone to uproot their life and offer all this assurance (the potential advisor was the admin chair)? Now we sit and try to understand why... The letter said that it was based on the anticipated work load of the faculty. Unfortunately we have to wait until after spring break (which starts this weekend) to get any answers - if they'll give them. Good luck to all ofyou still waiting... btw the letter was dated 2/19 but wasn't put in the mail until 3/4 (day delivery).
  11. As for MSU they won't be sending out anything until after the 20th... too many faculty off campus to finalize decisions.
  12. Anyone hear from MSU? Archaeology, but it comes under the Anthro umbrella there.
  13. Do any of you have an idea of how to check the status of an application when the university website only offers it to undergraduate apps? The graduate website says to contact the specific department applied to with questions, but we're leary about calling at the wrong time and some how screwing things up. I have picked up my husband's fear. Specifically looking for MSU... how are they about calling and asking for status? Any input would be appreciated.
  14. Amazing... my husband was accepted at the University of Manchester to do research work on his Ph.D - we moved there with our twins (7 months at the time) in 2006 - we came back to the states the summer of 2008. Moving abroad with kids is an interesting adventure... we loved it in Manchester, but were glad to be back in the states. family adds two things - stress and hope.
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